From Adversity to Abundance: Hayley’s Journey of Empowering Women’s Financial Success

Business and Money Coach; Accredited Transformational Life Coach, Certified NLP practitioner, certified Positive Psychology Coach, Human design reader, certified Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) specialist, Money Mindset expert, Breathwork and Meditation coach

Hayley is on a mission to get more money in the hands of more women, as quickly and easily as possible. After experiencing homelessness and poverty in her youth, Hayley is a self-made success and built her million pound brand as a business & money coach and energetics expert in less than 18 months. 
Using her ‘Transfigurational Trifecta’ and Neurogetics Coaching Academy, (accredited by the CPD) Hayley combines her expertise in mindset, energetics and business strategy to empower and support women around the world to release any limiting beliefs, grow their businesses and increase their earning potential. 

We had the opportunity to speak with CEO Hayley Forbes to discuss her brand, her start with coaching and tips to longevity and success.

Tell us about your brand The Sigma Femme, particularly your ‘Transfigurational Trifecta’ and Neurogetics Coaching Academy?

The Sigma Femme was established for women like me, who want to create their own life on their own terms and play outside of society’s rules, following their own innate desires and calling. The Neurogetics Coaching Academy was formed as I had seen how coaching had changed my own life, but how generic Coaching Certifications were missing the deep inner and energetic work. I could see how when you started to infuse modalities together that clients were able to get results dramatically quicker, so I began testing and perfecting a framework…which I knew I had to train other people in. And that’s how the Academy was formed.

With anything in life, I believe it needs to be approached with three angles – mindset, energetics and strategy. I believe you have to program your mind for the desire you want, become an energetic match to receive that desire, and then take the actions that align with bringing that desire to light. It was after understanding this and weaving it into all my coaching and mentoring that I officially brought the three together under the phrase “Transfigurational Trifecta”.

What made you want to start your own academy ?

I started the Academy because I believe that coaches truly want to help transform people’s lives, and I believe the world needs more coaches, but what I was seeing out there just wasn’t good enough. Traditional coaching predominantly focuses on the future, therapy on the past. I believe you have to work in the past to reprogram the subconscious, work in the future and tap into the Quantum Realm of your best future reality, and then anchor back into the present moment. When using this Framework with my own clients I have seen them get results faster than ever before, that’s when I knew I had to get this work into the hands of more people who wanted to do good with it.

If you could use three words to describe your platform, what would it be and why?

Inspiring, activating and home. I show people what is possible, that THEY are the creators of their reality, people are activated by my energy and when they’re around me they start to take that on as a knowing as well. And people feel at home in my world, there is no competition or hierarchy, just a bunch of people living their best intentional life and cheering on others to do the same.

How did you personally prepare for the success your company has achieved?

By staying grounded, I take nothing for granted, I believe everything is possible while expecting nothing. I remember where I came from and how lucky we are to have the smallest things in life. I have my health, my family, and my happiness – no amount of success is better than that… it just gets to add onto what is already there.

How do you balance having a condition such as ADHD and being able to run a million dollar company? 

Honestly I see it as my superpower. I believe it has positively impacted my success. I go into hyper fixations and get a TON of stuff done, I’m able to think fast, have a million ideas and execute while I’m in that energy. 
Don’t get me wrong, there are days where it’s hard, but I don’t focus on my weaknesses, I look to support them while staying in my strengths.

For example, sitting down to do admin is soul destroying for me and my ADHD so I outsource as much as possible. And I just drop any expectation of myself based on other people’s perceptions of how my life “should” look. My life can look chaotic to some, but to me it’s the most laid back, go with the flow life – and that’s how I like it.

Do you have any tips for upcoming entrepreneurs looking to join and get their start in coaching ?Believe it’s possible! Decide to go ALL IN. Don’t wait for tomorrow, your opportunity is right in front of you TODAY. And get under the mentorship of someone who has walked the steps before you.

What is next for you in entrepreneurship?

So many ventures! This business will continue to scale and grow, but we also have big plans in the retreat space for whole families and in the property market too. But right now it’s just about continuing to do what I love and serve more and more people worldwide. I truly believe we each hold the power to change the world by just inspiring one person at a time.

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles?

For me a pretty woman who hustles is a woman that’s decided what is available to her and takes it upon herself to go create that – unapologetically.

I think every woman is unique and beautiful, whether she likes designer bags, or walking barefoot on the beach – or both. And every woman gets to choose her hustle, the important thing is to know what feels good. So choosing when to go all in, and choosing when to lean back and be in flow. Operating in alignment with herself, her values and her bigger purpose is the true epitome of a Pretty Woman who Hustles.

I love that sometimes I’m a hot mess, Mum bun, joggers on and glued to a good TV binge, other days I’m full glam and makeup ready to rock the world, and other days I’m hustling like there’s no tomorrow, working on my next project – and it all gets to be perfect.

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