Embrace Your Dreams: How Vanessa Osborne, The I Can Coach, Empowers Women to Say ‘Yes’ to Themselves”

Vanessa Osborne from Devon is The I Can Coach. She is a compassionate life coach and crystal
healing therapist on a mission to help women confidently say “Yes” to themselves and “I can” to
their dreams. Vanessa is dedicated to helping women who are struggling with their self-confidence,
identity and direction, particularly after a difficult period in their lives, to see their true worth and
value so that they can pursue their goals while feeling good about themselves.

With her guidance and encouraging, joyful energy coupled with a magical mix of powerful
mindset techniques and practical life coaching skills, her client’s triumph over their limiting beliefs
and the fears holding them back. They gain a new level of self-confidence, which motivates them to
take action toward their goals with belief in themselves and excitement for the future.

Vanessa is a self-professed career chameleon, she started out selling high-end luxury beauty
products before moving to working in the male dominated transport industry, where she climbed
the ladder from administrator to manager within a couple of years. Wanting a change and to do
something more fulfilling, she moved in to supporting those living within social and supported
housing. Throughout her varied roles, Vanessa consistently met people who would benefit a lot
from someone who believed in them, someone to encourage them to find their dream and go for it,
but at that time she didn’t know how that would be possible.

The arrival of the global pandemic took her into a period of deep soul searching. She was working
harder than ever, close to burn out as she struggled to be all things to all people and had noticed
her inner sparkle had almost diminished. Embarking on a Crystal Healing diploma in the evenings
as a stress reliever led her to questioning her purpose. Time and time again, her intuition
whispered to her that she was here to help people feel happier and empowered to make their
dreams a reality. Initially, she dismissed this notion as trivial and doubted the significance of such
a mission, but as she delved deeper, she discovered what came easily and naturally to her was in
fact a special gift.

Vanessa believes that every woman deserves to shine as brightly as she desires, whether it’s
pursuing her dream job, healing after heartbreak or fearlessly chasing her dreams. Her mission is
to help women confidently say “yes” to themselves, so she decided to pursue her passion to help
people by setting up Golden Lotus Healing.

Combining her extensive corporate experience, life coaching diploma, Crystal healing diploma,
and additional courses in Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), Emotional Freedom
Technique (EFT) aka ‘tapping’ and Ho’Oponopono (The Hawaiian concept of forgiveness),
Vanessa helps her clients get huge transformations in themselves, their confidence and the choices
they make, finally saying “Yes” to themselves and “I can” to their goals.

We had the amazing opportunity of sitting down with Vanessa to discuss the inspiration behind her brand and what it took to become successful.

Tell us about your brand Golden Lotus Healing?

Golden Lotus Healing was created initially with the intension of helping people transform after hurt and heartbreak using Crystal Healing and Reiki to assist with releasing those thoughts, feelings and emotions no longer serving the client and help to bring them back in to energetic alignment with who they are so that they can hear, and more importantly, trust their intuition again.

What made you want to start your own coaching company?

As I developed alongside my business I brought in Life Coaching with a focus specifically on Mindset and Confidence as I noticed a pattern with clients and those around me that it wasn’t so much about life events it was more about what they made those life events mean in relation to themselves, their beliefs and their perceived level of worthiness which ultimately had an impact on their confidence. I was also able to recognize that in my own life when I changed my thinking and self belief the outcome changed too. I knew I could help other women with this and I think a world full of people who believe in themselves and the goodness inside themselves makes for a much better world for us all.

If you could use three words to describe your platform, what would it be and why?

Supportive – My platform is supportive, it is here to meet you where you are and help you with your goals, dreams and desires. Encouraging – I love to encourage people to believe in themselves, in their unique talents and to keep going. Sometimes all we need is someone to believe in us and gives us a bit of encouragement and I am more than happy to do that for people. Kind – This is a personal quality that is very important to me and is key within my business. Kind doesn’t mean I always say yes or that I am a push over or a people pleaser but it does mean that I respond appropriately with kindness. I encourage clients to be kind to themselves as well as others.

How did you personally prepare for the success your company has achieved?

I have done a lot of scripting and visualizing in terms of how it would feel to help people. I imagined what it might feel like for someone to tell me that I have helped them on their path towards healing, happiness and goal fulfilment and this motivated me to turn up and keep going when things were not easy. I paused when I needed to, remembered my vision and then carried on because I felt this mission deeply within my heart. I can honestly tell you that the feeling was even better than I imagined when I was thanked for holding space so someone could cry and let the pain go, thanked for a simple reframe that meant the client tried one more time and this time they achieved their goal, thanked for shining a light on their path so the client could speak up and be heard.

Do you have any tips for upcoming entrepreneurs looking to join the coaching industry?

  1. In the early stages you will probably coach for free until you build up your confidence in coaching and your experience, accept this is part of the path and don’t make it mean anything about you as a person or as a coach, view it as giving back and paying your dues. With this in mind, coaching is a great thing to do outside of your main source of income when getting started.
  2. Make sure you allow yourself time to explore the information you learn from any courses you undertake, self enquire and ask yourself can I apply this to my life? is it easy to do,? what are the challenges? how can I make this enjoyable? Stay curious so that you can understand things from a clients perspective.
  3.  Spend time visualizing your desired outcomes and success. This mental rehearsal can help you build your confidence as a coach.
  4. Take care of your own well-being and walk your talk. You need to by taking care of your physical, emotional, and mental health so that you can have the capacity to hold the space for others. This doesn’t mean you need to be perfect, far from it, it means you need to keep it real with yourself, practise what you preach, enjoy the journey so that you can connect on a deeper level with your clients.

What is next for you in entrepreneurship?

I am continuing to take on new coaching clients, learning and growing with them and I am currently exploring what a Podcast might look like for me and my business as I have been unable to find a journal / undated diary to assist with goal achievement & mindset that has a style and layout I like, I have been designing my own. I am in the early stages and once completed, I hope it will be a resource I can self publish but for now this project is certainly ticking a creativity box for me which feels good.

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles? 

She is a woman who does things her way. She creates the meaning in her own life and lives by her own rules.

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CEO/Founder of Pretty Women Hustle Magazine

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