From Digital Marketing Maven to Creative Force: Diandra Harvin’s Journey with Noite Rose

Founder, Diandra Harvin, graduated from Kent State University with a B.A. in Fashion Merchandising, she matriculated at the University of Tampa where she earned a Master of Business Administration. She spent years excelling as a corporate digital marketer but didn’t unlock her purpose until 2021, when she launched Noite Rose which means evening rose, to provide herself and others with alluring yet cozy loungewear solutions and create a community of women that can uplift each other while looking their best. Noite Rose is the answer for those who want to be comfortable and inviting without being too forward. Noite Rose is based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, is sold dtc, and continues to expand by collaborating with other women-owned brands and expressing the importance of self-care.

We had the amazing opportunity of sitting down with fashion expert, Noite Rose Founder Diandra Harvin.

What inspired your start into Fashion?

I was inspired to design these pieces to serve as a reminder to prioritize self care. During a boozy pandemic brunch, I conceived the idea to launch this idea in order to get out of my frumpy moo moos! Months were spent to design and develop this line by sourcing high quality fabrics that feel like butter on the skin, and identifying a manufacturer with high standards and construction capabilities. Noite Rose is more than a clothing company, it is a community of busy, “goal getter” women that often need a reminder to fill their cups so they can pour into others. 

Do you remember your first project that made you realize you had a gift for fashion?

Yes, when I was a pre-teen a lady in my village signed me up and paid for my sewing class. I never asked or was interested in it because she said she believed I had a gift. I made a crazy- looking intricate pillow, but this was the moment I fell in love with the entire creative process and it sparked my interest in fashion.

How would you say your creativity has evolved since your first creation?

Ha! It has completely evolved. Since my first creation, I have studied fashion trends and learned about the industry. Using my knowledge as well as my innate style, I am able to create timeless pieces for various body types. I love that my pieces are size inclusive because everyone needs self-care!

You spent many years in the corporate world as a digital marketer, how did that time prepare you for the work you are doing now?

Everything I used in corporate prepared me and is being used to accelerate Noite Rose. My knowledge for marketing and branding are essential for continuing to grow the business. In order to develop a product that others are excited to share, you must have a brand that includes a meaningful way that others can relate to. Additionally, working the room and networking in corporate settings is a big part of what I use in Noite Rose because connections you make are invaluable and can open doors that submitting an application can’t. 

Tell us about Noite Rose?

Noite Rose is luxury loungewear that provides consumers with alluring-yet-cozy solutions. Our products include dresses, hoodies, sets and rompers. These garments were designed by me to serve as a reminder to prioritize self care. Months were spent to design this line, source high quality fabrics, and identify a manufacturer with high standards. 

What message do you hope women takeaway from the Noite Rose Brand?

I hope Noite Rose reminds women to pour into themselves and take a moment for self-care. As they are wearing these comfortable garments, it should inspire them to feel their best and think “oh girl I still got it” as they pass by the mirror. We’re living in such a busy time that it’s imperative to be intentional about taking time to prioritize yourself.

What is next for you and Noite Rose? Where do you see your brand in the next 2-3 years?

In the next 2-3 years our goal is to be in more retailers permanently. We’ve been fortunate to showcase at Nordstrom and receive placement in boutiques, but we want Noite Rose to be a household brand that can be easily found in stores!

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles?

A Woman that gets to the bag and is on top of her business! That looks like so many things and is constantly redefined. But this woman can’t be defeated! No matter what comes her way, she overcomes it and is triumphant. She has a swag about her that no one can duplicate and she is THAT girl!

 Social Media Handles: @noite.rose


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