Day: November 9, 2023


Beyond the Lyrics: Exploring Jessica Wilde’s Fusion of Rap, Soul, and RnB

Jessica Wilde is a torchbearer for a fresh true bred style of rap, soul & RnB. She bares all with some brutally honest lyrics, melding her sharp-witted lyricism through spoken word/rap alongside her more familiar husky and powerful singing vocals. A native of South London, Wilde’s first concept album told her story like diary entries from mad parties, […]

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Business Features Pretty Features

Building Success: Latoya Rideout-Mills Unveils the Vital Role of Strong Business Foundations for Luna Cereal Bar

Latoya Rideout-Mills, the creative force behind Luna Cereal Bar, has been on a mission to redefine dessert experiences since the launch of her dessert shop in July 2022. With an undeniable passion for all things sweet, Latoya embarked on this culinary journey to share her unique vision with the Berkeley County community and beyond. Luna […]

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