Building Success: Latoya Rideout-Mills Unveils the Vital Role of Strong Business Foundations for Luna Cereal Bar

Latoya Rideout-Mills, the creative force behind Luna Cereal Bar, has been on a mission to redefine dessert experiences since the launch of her dessert shop in July 2022. With an undeniable passion for all things sweet, Latoya embarked on this culinary journey to share her unique vision with the Berkeley County community and beyond.

Luna Cereal Bar isn’t just another dessert destination; it’s a delightful fusion of nostalgia and sweetness. Latoya’s personal “sweet tooth” fetish serves as the driving force behind the innovative creations that grace the menu. Her aim is clear: to transport each customer back to the blissful days of childhood, all while indulging in the delectable world of their favorite cereal brands.

As the founder of Luna Cereal Bar, Latoya Rideout-Mills is not just providing desserts; she’s curating an experience that bridges the gap between fond memories and irresistible flavors. With a commitment to expansion within the Berkeley County area, Latoya’s dream is to continue bringing smiles, joy, and culinary creativity to her loyal patrons.

Luna Cereal Bar is more than a dessert shop; it’s a manifestation of Latoya Rideout-Mills’ passion for sweets and her desire to share that passion with the world. Join her on this delectable journey, where you can savor the best of both worlds – the sweetness of desserts and a trip down memory lane, all courtesy of Luna Cereal Bar.

I spoke to Latoya via Q&A and she shared with me her experience and what her business is doing to ensure she stands out in the industry and well as providing excellent customer service.

What experience and expertise does the Mills Family bring to the food and hospitality industry, and how does it benefit Luna Cereal Bar?

I grew up learning that food brings people together, though I’m not a professional baker, I still enjoy making and preparing dishes for my loved ones. Luna’s was able to benefit from this because now I’m able to allow others to take pleasure in the delectable treats that Luna’s has to offer. When guests come to the Mills residence they always leave with an experience of entertainment and refreshments. With the same concept, I believe my customers would be able to leave with the same satisfaction as our friends and family. 

How does Luna Cereal Bar plan to stand out in a competitive dessert and snack market, and what are your strategies for attracting and retaining customers?
Lunas Cereal Bar INC. Prices are higher/lower than the competitors with which we are in direct competition. Queen Bee’s Entertainment & Sweets LLC is a local entertainment and dessert company that provides bounce houses, party planning, entertainment & custom cakes and treats. Because there is no cereal bar within a 60-minutes, there is no direct competition in the Berkeley County Region or Eastern Panhandle, West Virginia. The two closest cereal bars to Lunas Cereal Bar are Day & Night Cereal Bar located in Washington, DC; Springfield, VA, Charlotte, NC, Rockville, NC, Morgantown, WV (a location that is temporarily closed), and Clarksburg, Maryland. This franchise is not in direct competition with Lunas Cereal Bar INC. because the company sells milkshakes, “go-bars,” and actual bowls of cereal that the consumer can sit and eat. Luna’s is not competing against local dessert shops, we will be offering a twist to their typical treat of choice which includes cakes, milkshakes, and Rice Krispie treats. The prices from Day & Night Cereal Bar and Lunas Cereal Bar INC. are different in pricing structure as the two companies are providing their consumers with different goods and experiences for their decadent treats. Luna’s pricing beats competitors by a couple of dollars though we offer the same delectable delights. What sets Luna aside from the other dessert shops is the amount of love along with attention to detail that is made with all treats.

Could you tell us more about the values and principles that guide Luna Cereal Bar’s operations and customer service?

Our company’s Mission is to constantly provide outstanding customer service and believe that customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We are dedicated to providing our employees with a respectful and positive work environment that will move onward to Luna’s consumers. Luna’s values include respecting our customers and having our customers and employees in a positive as well as uplifting atmosphere. These values will be attainable by actions with provide above-average customer service. Lunas Cereal Bar INC. seeks to appease and appeal to its peers in the community while enjoying delectable treats that are cereal-infused. 

Our vision is to become Berkeley County’s most customer-centric cereal infuses dessert shop eventually expanding to multiple locations. Currently, we are selling 40 assorted treats weekly in hopes of selling double within the coming months. With being able to reach 10k individuals through social media, the dessert shop will be able to meet our target goal of being able to serve the masses within the surrounding area.  Luna’s will be a place where customers can come to find and discover their inner child while enjoying their favorite cereal with their dessert of choice. 

Lunas’ operational plan will maintain quality control by utilizing the same recipes, same products, and same batch measurements. In the case that a main vendor is unable to supply Lunas with our typical materials for our baking needs (Sam’s Club), Lunas can order the same pertinent supplies from either Amazon or Walmart. Maintaining consistency in the service to the customers will occur through Lunas’ establishing a new hire process that covers interpersonal service skills with all employees that join the Lunas Cereal Bar INC. team. These employees will be expected to provide service that is courteous and consistent in attentiveness to the consumer when approached to order with Lunas Cereal Bar. 

All Staff Members of Lunas Cereal Bar INC. must maintain the following key interpersonal skills: 

Customer service experience, Time management: staying on task, focused, and to accept constructive criticism.

What roles and job opportunities are available at Luna Cereal Bar, and what qualities do you look for in potential team members? 

Luna’s personnel staff consists of an Operational Manager, Operational Assistance, Kitchen Prep, and Kitchen Dishwasher/Cleaning Staff. All hired staff will be required to have a high school education or proper state-required documents if working under the age of 18. All of Luna’s employees must have experience with customer service and be able to take direction from their superiors. Each employee will receive additional training onsite that will be by the Berkeley-Morgan County Health Department Division of the Food Safety Program. 

How can interested customers or potential employees stay updated on Luna Cereal Bar’s latest news and events? | Facebook | Instagram

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