Something Greater

The crazy part about life and where it takes you is quite unfathomable. You end up in places you never dreamed of, both good and bad. The past has a way of catching up to you, and good things come to those who wait. It’s a never-ending cycle of figuring it all out. 

Sometimes, life leaves you in the pits. Sad, working hard, feeling like your efforts are meaningless. It leaves you broken and hurting, wishing there was an end to the pain and misery. Through the hardships it’s easy to give up and give in, do whats easiest for a quick fix, without taking heed to what the future might hold. Through those rough times is when our faith is tested. That is when everything we know, learned, heard, or taught through our life lessons is put to the test; the test of life. It’s hard! We’ve all been there, however, when you stay the course, navigate that road less traveled, you will prevail. You get the good that was waiting for you all long. 

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God knows who we are before we even find out who we are. How strong we are, how capable we are, how qualified we are. During the journey that life takes us on do we figure it all out. In a  world where we constantly battle good versus evil, it is hard to stay in faith and uplifted when our flesh yearns fufilment, even if its temporary.  God loves us so much, he knew we would need a guide. God saw our need for a savior, from the beginning of time, he knew our flesh was weak, and we would need something to believe in, a word that would hold true. 

I’m sure when Jesus was sent to Earth and had to endure the trials, he was looking at his Daddy like Why? What is the reason?!

He had to endure those same temptations and go through those same trials of abandonment, loneliness, and betrayal. Yet, he knew that it was all for a reason, a greater good. He knew that his Father would have never commanded him to go through such a thing if it wasn’t for a grander purpose. 

Though life is hard and the struggles of the world weigh down heavy on our shoudlers, focus on the words you know hold true. God doesn’t give us more than we can handle. Anything worth having takes hard work and persistence. This is not the end all be all, but this work you’re doing, these trails you’re enduring, are preparing you for something even greater. 

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What Has 2020 Taught You?

This year has been an absolute roller coaster with this crazy pandemic going on, states shutting down, people dying, protests, violence, police brutality and businesses shutting down. Whew chile! That’s a whole mouth full right there and I had to deeply exhale for all this craziness that has been going on. For the people that have families and has lost their jobs, what a horrible feeling. I don’t know what it truly feels like because I don’t have kids, my parents still have their jobs so it didn’t affected them nor did the pandemic affected my business, but still this has been a horrible feeling for a lot. Through everything, what has 2020 taught you? For many, this year has taught them that family is very important and shouldn’t take them for granted, spending more time with loved ones, starting a self-care routine, hit the reset button in your life or starting a new business. Whatever this year taught you, reminisce on it and just take a moment to sink everything in. You might have lost a loved one or clients due to financial situations, but you had an opportunity to create another business or project that will help you in your business venture.

Take this year as a learning experience and be grateful that you were able to make it through. I know a lot of authors who have even written books about their pandemic experiences or even made up a story about Covid-19.  Now that’s a great way to utilize this whole experience in a positive way. Others may have gathered a lot of facts and news in their area and wrote a history book based on the death rates, hospitals running out of supplies and beds, quarantine or the number of families and business owners affected by it.

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Another trend that happened this year was the mask.  When I first heard that we had to wear one, I didn’t know what to expect. My parents started wearing theirs first and then I got mine. Luckily I knew people that was making them. At first they were uncomfortable because I wasn’t used to wearing something on my face. That was the biggest trendsetter and highlight of the year! If we had to wear these masks, you might as well get fancy with them because there has been so many different patterns and designs of masks. The last mask I purchased was a Christmas one. I am completely done with masks! Hopefully next year we won’t have to really wear them. But they are good during the cold months so I wouldn’t mind wearing them during winter time.

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Whatever 2020 taught you, feel free to share in the comments below. I would love to hear your story or stories!


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