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Catrina N. Frison has been involved in the arts for over 30 years. A native of Saginaw, Michigan, she represented the Miss America Organization twice locally and has traveled extensively during her career.

A strong supporter of world missions, Frison has traveled with young missionaries on the field in France, Jamaica, and in the United States. Her missionary work has afforded her significant experiences with organizations such as Master’s Touch International and World Horizons. Her belief is that when young Americans see firsthand that other teens do not have the same advantages as they, empathy develops, giving them new gratitude for God and their parents.

Through ministry and mentorship, Catrina imparts the virtues of character and inner beauty, as well as the values of abstinence and healthy living to women of all ages. Catrina is the CEO of Banner Communications, Inc. an entertainment company that specializes in education, training, and the promotion of performing artists. Mrs. Frison enjoys speaking on topics such as worship, intercession, entrepreneurship and marriage from a biblical worldview.

Catrina N. Frison has worked diligently to train and promote Christian performing artists who aspire to excellence. Her book, Entertaining the Godly Life: A Guide to Personal Holiness in the Entertainment Industry, provides insight into the challenges facing Christians in the entertainment industry. Frison resides in the Atlanta area with her husband Pastor Stacy Frison, Sr. and their three children.

PWH: Describe your brand in four words?

CF: Excellent. Godly. Creative. Education.

PWH: At what moment did you realize that music was your calling?

CF: I’d have to say that it was more of a process than a moment. I have been singing my whole life; in church, school, and the community. My only goal as a kid was to become a recording artist. That dream became a reality when I was in high school. I was asked to be the lead singer in a girl group. However, upon graduation, my mother insisted that I attend college, so I went to Morgan State University. While at Morgan, I learned about touring and pursued modeling and dinner theater. During my senior year, the Lord gave me the vision for Banner. Although my major was music, He challenged me to build a company that would educate, train, and promote performing artists with allegiance to Him. The journey took me into full-time ministry in Richmond, VA, where I started the company at age 26. During my first year of business, I discovered that all my years of performance, training, and ministry led me to make this my life’s work.

PWH: What key concepts do you aim to teach new artists with Banner Communications?

CF: Knowing who you are in Christ. We have seen so many artists leave the church to pursue entertainment. For some, the decision cost them their lives. I teach my students that you don’t have to compromise your faith for fame or fortune. God already knows the plans He has for you and can reward for doing it His way. Mastering your craft. I believe that in order to make a positive impact on the world, one must be excellent. I teach my students to become masters at their craft, so they can negotiate their worth. Understanding the entertainment industry. Most of my clients have been newcomers. So, we train them to have a strong understanding of how to navigate the industry. We discuss legal, financial, and brand management, so they are fully equipped to conduct good business. Building a financial legacy. Being an artist generally causes one to work from project to project. Our students and clients learn the art of saving, investing, and spending to create an ongoing cash flow and for them, their children, and even grandchildren.

PWH: What inspired your new book “Entertaining the Godly Life”?

CF: It has always been my goal to teach artists how to not only win on stage but also in life.

Over the years, I have worked with aspiring and established artists, and each time God has given me the opportunity to share His truth with them. This book is a testimony of lessons I have learned in my beginning years of being in entertainment. It covers the challenges of working in secular settings and the victories of maintaining strong faith. The book also speaks to the importance of using your platform to draw others to Christ. There is a blessing in having fans and followers when you can lead them to the Creator of the Universe.

PWH: What message do you hope readers gain from your work?

CF: I hope readers decide to pursue a solid relationship with Christ, as a result of reading my book. Allowing Him to guide my personal and professional decisions has been a game-changer. I have traveled the world, made a decent living, and helped others find their calling. I also hope artists read this and decide to give God glory with their gifts and talents.

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