Just For Kinks Owner: Natasha Zalewski

Natasha Zalewski is the proud owner of Justforkinks.com Created in August 2018, she decided she wanted to start her own line of sex novelties but also create an open safe space to have conversations about sexuality. Natasha graduated from the University of New Orleans in May 2018 with a B.S. in Psychology.

She often credits her class, human behavior, and sexuality, to be the spark that led to Justforkinks.com.  “After a very heated topic in class, I realized we still had a long way to go.” Natasha is hoping to not just create her own brand but to help make sex become a social norm.  

PWH: Describe you and your brand in a few words?

NZ: I would say passionate, confident, community-focused, and daring. 

 PWH: What sparked your interest in the sex novelties industry? 

NZ: What sparked my interest was the idea that many people of color still find sex taboo. Sure, we all have sex, but it’s considered a “bad” thing to talk about sex freely. I think it would be informative if we opened up a bit more. We would surprise ourselves with how many other people may share the same fantasies or have the same questions we’ve been too ashamed to ask. I started my brand because I wanted my own line of toys. Other than Bedroom Kandi, I’m not sure how many sex toy brands are black-owned. 

 PWH: What are some practical tips to help couples fully express themselves to each other sexually? 

NZ: Being open with your partner is the best tip I could offer. I wouldn’t suggest making a bold decision to try something new during sex, but to start a conversation outside the bedroom. Start with something like “I like when we do this, but I would like to try…” then explain the reason why but also be receptive if your partner doesn’t want to try. It has to be consensual on both sides.

 PWH: How can incorporating toys into the bedroom help strengthen and increase a couple’s sex life?

 Incorporating toys is the best! It offers a new level of trust. While using toys, there’s a lot of touching and communicating your needs and wants. Also, it can add to longer foreplay. Trying something new to add to bedtime fun can spice it up.

 PWH: What can women expect to find on Just for kinks site? 

NZ: Women can find a safe place to shop without it being overwhelming. I try to put small descriptions under each item so you can shop with more confidence. I also offer parties, so I can go more into detail with each item and answer any question before purchasing. 

 PWH: Where do you see yourself in the future as an entrepreneur?

NZ: As an entrepreneur, I want to see my products in stores. I see Just for Kinks being a community platform to educate young men and women on sex, health, and lifestyle choices.

PWH: Bonus: Describe your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles? 

NZ: My definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles would be a woman with a plan and knows what she wants. She would be confident and aware, a woman who isn’t afraid of help and willing to pay it forward. As a hustler, she won’t be afraid to grind and work hard, but she would know when to let go and rest her mind. You can’t hustle if you’re tired.

To learn more about Natasha and Just For Kinks visit www.justforkinks.com

Jakia Cheatham - Myles

CEO/Founder of Pretty Women Hustle Magazine

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