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Auketria Manor, founding Publishing Consultant and Editor of On Writer’s Block: Professional Writing and Publishing Services, is a 3 time self-published Author who utilizes her expertise to coach other Authors through the book publishing process including editing, interior layout, book cover design to publication. 

Since launching her publishing service, Manor has written The Authorpreneur’s Road-Map a marketing strategy eBook, designed a book publishing course titled Pro-Publisher slated for release this summer, established one-to-one book writing coaching and offers personalized assisted self-publishing services helping writers realize their dreams of authorship without the overwhelm. 

She has appeared on podcasts, HR After Hours with Hope and Linnea Presents: Unpacking the Box where she educates listeners on the literary industry, book production and logistics, pitfalls to avoid in the business, and the multiple types of publishing. Auketria has been featured in Voyage Houston and Urban Books Authors & Writers of America (UBAWA) Magazines and served as a guest speaker at the inaugural The Black Women Writers Virtual Summit. When Auketria is not serving writers through On Writer’s Block, she commits time to her own writings, exploring her city and creating memories with her family and friends. 

PWH: In 4 words who is Auketria?

AM: Confident, optimistic, supportive, focused

PWH: What sparked your interest in the publishing world?

AM: I was originally signed to a small press publishing house that published my first book. The experience had its highlights and other moments were unexpected lessons. My publisher disbanded less than two years after I signed which kick-started my self-publishing journey. I had to learn quite a bit in a short span of time. After re-publishing my first book followed by two more I started getting inquiries quite often about the publishing process, requests to help others publish their book I realized there was a need and I had the solutions. That’s when On Writer’s Block was born. 

PWH: tell us about your company On Writers Block?

 AM: On Writer’s Block is a professional writing and publishing service that transforms aspiring authors into published authors. I help authors through services such as editing, writing coaching, full-service book publishing, and marketing resources making quality self-publishing easy.

PWH: What is the Pro Publishers Academy?

 AM: So the Pro-Publishers Academy is a tailored coaching service that I am rolling out soon that will teach authors how to self-publish their work the right way the first time so they can publish the right way every time. Aspiring authors are often googling around trying to piece the publishing puzzle together; Pro Publishers hosts all such information in one place.

PWH: Tell us about your work specifically, what books do you have available currently?

AM: My current works are Catching Feelings, a novel, Dear Aryah: A Mother’s Letter and 8 Jewels for a Gem which is an interactive self-help journal for women. 

PWH: Do you have any upcoming projects? 

AM: I do! My next release later this summer is titled How Could I Date Him with a Daddy Like Mine? It’s about the dating choices that I and other women have made and how that does or does not relate to the relationships we have with our fathers. Interestingly enough, readers may be surprised at the discoveries which is a far cry from what’s been perpetuated over the years on this topic. 

PWH: Bonus: What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustle’s? 

AM: A Pretty Woman Who hustles is aware of what’s important to her professionally and personally, prioritizes that, and uses the fruit of her labor in both areas to help others in those same capacities. 

To connect with Auketria follow her platforms below:

Business Instagram: @onwritersblockpwps

Personal Instagram: @auketriawrites

Facebook: @AuketriaOnWritersBlock

check out her website:

Jakia Cheatham - Myles

CEO/Founder of Pretty Women Hustle Magazine

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