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Patrice Rivers wears many hats in the world of entrepreneurship. She is currently residing in Suffolk, VA where Virginia State University’s blue and orange bleeds through her veins graduating from the HBCU in May 2009 in Petersburg, VA. Patrice majored in Mass Communications where she had a minor in writing earning her Bachelor of Arts degree. She started writing at the tender age of only nine where creating short stories was more than just a hobby. Patrice has a very vivid and creative imagination when it comes to words.

Poetry has and will always be her first love. Since she was 15, Patrice took a strong interest in writing poems. Throughout the years, writing poetry has always been a therapeutic way of expressing her true feelings. Patrice’s creativity took her all the way to publishing her first book of poetry in 2012 entitled “A Collection of God’s Word and Motivation” which is a great seller. The following year her second book of poetry was published in 2013 called “Lyrical Passion Tears from my Inkwell” where she encourages and captivates her reader’s attention through real situations and encouraging words.

Patrice has published a total of eight books with two of them being children’s books about a little girl living with Sickle Cell Disease. As a survivor and person living with SCD herself, she wanted to create not only a children’s book, but a series that will serve as an educational tool for kids and adults as well in communities. Patrice is also the proud owner of That Riverz Girl Brand which consists of different facets such as Books, Published Articles, Interviews, Magazine, Services, and YouTube channel.

Her magazine Versafi Magazine is a platform for men and women of diversity that are business owners, entrepreneurs, and authors. With this being her second magazine, Patrice plans to take Versafi to a higher level with diversity being a very important factor within her brand. She plans to write more books relating to her life as well as children and urban Christian books. She is very passionate about the writing community and wants to expand her writing services to a small writing boutique providing services to new authors, continuous authors, brands, business owners, and entrepreneurs all over. This determined boss babe is nothing more than passionate, a goal digger, creative, professional, and unique with her brand. She hopes to someday expand her brand to a wider audience in the world of business.

PWH: In four words describe you and your brand?

PR: Let’s see: I would describe myself as ambitious, committed, determined, and passionate and four my brand I would say structured, helpful, and dedicated.

PWH: When did you get your start in writing?

PR: I started writing at the early age of nine. That’s when my creativity and imagination started to kick in. My parents always told me when I was younger than nine that I would always write in the newspapers. Sure enough, that was a sign that I was going to become a writer. I started out writing short stories in elementary school. I had tons of stories to share and they all had a creative cover page. At the age of 15, I took a liking to writing poetry where I became gifted and creative with my words. In 2012, I published my first book called “A Collection of God’s Word and Motivation” which is an inspirational and encouraging book of poetry.

PWH: You have written 8 books so far, what is the common message in them all?

PR: Each book has its own little message such as my poetry books talks on things we go through in the world as well as inspiration. My fourth poetry book called “A Love Scorned” is a short collection of love poems that speaks deep to the soul, heart, and mind. It talks about broken love and the goodness of love. I also published two children books that focus on Sickle Cell Disease which is a series. It’s more of an educational part as well. My two fiction books are about things we all go through in life such as self-identity, love, abandonment and etc. I plan to write a non-fiction book about my journey with Sickle Cell and I have a new children book called “Patricia’s Visit to the Hospital” releases in September in honor of Sickle Cell Awareness Month.

PWH: Tell us about Versafi Magazine?

PR: Versafi Magazine is a platform for business owners, entrepreneurs, and authors of diversity to share their journey of books and business. This magazine was created last year in January. Its name was BlaQ Stardom, then Blaqversity now Versafi because I didn’t want people to think that this magazine is just for African-Americans even though that was the idea at first, but I wanted to expand my audience to reach other races and cultures as well. The magazine helps with promotion, advertisement, and book reviews that will help brands, businesses, and authors with gaining more exposure.

PWH: What is your message to aspiring writers?

PR: My message to other aspiring writers is to keep writing! If you are passionate about it, then keep going! Don’t allow distractions or negativity to come between you and your dreams!

PWH: Do you have any upcoming projects?

PR: Yes. My new children’s book called “Patricia’s Visit to the Hospital” will be released this September and I plan to write a non-fiction book based on my journey living with Sickle Cell Disease and how I almost died.

PWH: Bonus: what is your definition of a Pretty Woman who Hustles?

PR: My definition of a Pretty Woman who Hustles is someone who goes after what she wants without letting no one stop her! She is going to get the job done no matter what!

To learn more about Patrice Rivers visit her online at

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