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Keisha Montfleury is a Confidence Coach for Girls and believes that it is our responsibility to encourage a generation that is armed with the tools, knowledge, and resources to thrive as individuals. She hosts interactive workshops and provides resources for our girls ages 5-11 so she will not participate in risky behaviors such as self-harm and bullying. Keisha is an author of 3 books that are specifically designed to provide our girls with practical tips and tools, she is a speaker and a Certified Teen Life Coach

PWH: How would you describe yourself? What makes you the author you are?

KM: I am a Confidence Coach for Girls. It has become my purpose and my passion to plant the seeds of encouragement for our young girls, this is important to me because I myself participated in unhealthy relationships due to having a low self-esteem. It wasn’t until being confronted by my daughter with the realization and the reality that I am the first person that she sees as to what a HEALTHY woman looks like, not only physically (but also emotionally and mentally). This is when I made it my life’s passion and purpose (not only for my children, not even just for myself) but for girls worldwide. That is how HandiWork LLC was started.

PWH: Tell us about Handiwork LLC?

KM: HandiWork means (creation, achievement, design), that is what I want the girls to know with any program and/or resource that you give out.

PWH: What sparked your interest as a writer?

KM: I had a love of books from the time I was in 2nd grade. I NEVER thought or even desired to be an author, I just enjoyed writing short stories, poems, and reading various book series. It wasn’t until HandiWork was birth that I realized how important it is for our girls to be able to have many different resources and ways to learn how to have a HEALTHY CONFIDENCE (with us not only telling them, but also giving them practical tools). That is how BluePrint to Self Esteem (Series were birth).

PWH: Tell us about your 3 Books?

KM: We have our:

BluePrint to Self Esteem- Young Girl Edition, Middle School Girl Edition, and Older Girl Edition. All books are designed for our girls to first of all “know their worth through Christ” and second of all learn how to care for themselves in a practical way.

Even though each book is designated for a specific age group, the beautiful thing about the books is that they are based off of the 5 Keys of a HEALTHY CONFIDENCE, which we believe are:

1. Beautiful – Knowing that you have a Purpose

2. Ooh La La- Practicing Self-Care

3. Journey- the importance of having the desire to travel, and exercising our body

4. Nourish- knowing that health and nutrition does matter

5. Investment- being mindful with how we spend our time and our money

PWH: What is your key message to young women?

KM: My key message to young women is the 5 keys as described above. But even more than that I love to make sure that I get the message out there of 3 main things:

Number 1 is that the MOST important relationship that we will ever have is the one that we have with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He will walk you through the young lady and ultimately the young woman that you will become.

Number 2 is that this will set you up for other relationships in your life, (and when I mean relationships, I mean all types of relationships, including friendships, relationships with parents, and ultimately future romantic relationships). You will be able to capture red flags, stop making excuses for others, and ultimately have standards and boundaries for others and for yourself.

And last but not least all of this takes practice! We are human beings, we are not perfect! We need to be intentional, and mindful of the choices that we make in our lives.

PWH: Do you have any upcoming projects?

KM: Well I have my books that are all conveniently located on Amazon

I also host a monthly challenge with my girls called: 5 Day Confidence Challenge –

This is 5 days that is exclusive for your girl to be able to get the supplemental support that she is needing during this time. These are Virtual Group Sessions where your girl will be able to connect with other girls of her age group, learn new skills, and get a break from all this quarantine responsibilities such as homework. She will be challenged (in a fun way, receive a personalized certificate of completion, and a small gift mailed straight to her)

To get more information for this you can check me out at:

Facebook/Instagram @confidentkeisha


Or email at:

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