October 26, 2021


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Author LaTia Blanks

Tia B. was born in Huntsville, TX, and is the oldest of ten children. She loves writing, reading, and sports and video games. Tia is a mother and is currently working on obtaining her Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Tia enjoys working with the elderly as a Nursing Assistant, and she is an advocate for mental health. “Mental Beloved” is her debut novel.

PWH: Describe LaTia in 5 words?

LB: Ambitious, Kind, Intelligent, Creative, Resilient 

PWH: Where did you get your start in writing?

LB: I started writing when I was 9 years old. I realized I had talent because of how well I did on my writing test. My auntie encouraged me to write every day after that.

PWH: Tell us about your Novel entitled: “Mental Beloved?”

LB: Mental Beloved is about a black woman who struggles with a mental illness while trying to find true love. It takes her to fall for the wrong man to realize she had loved all along. The title literally means a deep love occurring in the mind.

PWH: You are a mental health advocate, in particular, you work with those with Alzheimer’s and dementia, tell us about that?

LB: I do private care with these individuals. I create activities to keep their brains active which science has proven to slow the progression of the disease. Being a mental health advocate I’m able to advocate for them and people with mental illnesses because they have some of the same symptoms. 

PWH: What message are you hoping readers learn from your work?

LB: I hope all my readers learn that people with mental illnesses are people too. They are not their diagnosis. I hope it brings awareness of mental health to the black community. 

Follow Latia on her journey by visiting her site www.latiablanks.wixsite.com/tiawroteit

Social Media: Twitter: @TiaWroteIt

Facebook: www.facebook.com/authortiab

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