October 26, 2021


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Aloha Glamour CEO Lexi Williams

Lexi Williams is a mother, retired Air Force, woman of God, and entrepreneur who lives life in color and helps others do the same through clothing from her Afrowaiian boutique.

By her very nature, she spreads love and light and has shown true bravery both on duty and in her personal life. Her booming business, Aloha Glamor, was birthed during extreme adversity when she lost her child, Lauren Taylor. For many months, all she saw was grey and black and white. 

When she finally started to see a glimmer of hope and color, she DECIDED to celebrate and honor Lauren Taylor by bringing some color to people’s lives and helping them feel beautiful, no matter their size or circumstance. Lexi was reborn and Aloha Glamor was born. She has been featured in Forbes, CNNStyle, BlackEnterprise.com, and Travel Noire for leading the way in helping curve The COVID19 virus by producing fabric masks. 

PWH: Describe you and your brand in four words.

LW: Afrowaiian, Resilient, Bold, Colorful

PWH: Where did you get the name Aloha Glamour?

LW: Our business was founded on a beach in Hawaii, I wanted that connection to be present in our name. Aloha is synonymous with The Hawaiian Islands and Glamour was my second choice due to the business name’ Southern Aloha’ being used. 

PWH: I know your passion for your company comes from the passing of your daughter, what message do you have for mothers?

 LW: The message I have for mothers who have suffered a child loss is you are not alone. I felt as if I was the only woman in the world who had suffered a child loss and actively grieving. I have been fortunate enough to have other women who feel comfortable, after reading my story, in sharing their loss as well. 1 in 4 women will experience a child loss and/or miscarriage and it’s imperative for these brave women to know that they aren’t alone. If they need me, they can lean on me. There is someone in the world waiting on them to share their story to get through what they are going through. 

PWH: What is your target audience, and what can shoppers find on your site?

LW: My target audience is women who are unabashedly comfortable in their own skin, who aren’t afraid to love their life in color! 

PWH: What advice do you have for a young entrepreneur? 

LW: Don’t start a business for the money, start a business to make a difference. 

would also tell young entrepreneurs to know who they are before their family, friends, and society tell them who they should be. 

Everyone was against me starting an Afrowaiian Clothing and accessories Boutique because it was different. I was a Black girl, from Mississippi, with an Afrowaiian Boutique! 

It will be scary! But do it, scared! Be a positive disrupter, as my mentor Pamela Berry-Johnson tells me. 

Go after what you want and let NOTHING or ANYBODY get in your way. Be consistent. Be Bold. Be You.

Connect with Lexi Williams and Aloha Glamour

Social Media: Facebook: www.facebook.com/alohaglamour IG: www.instagram.com/alohaglamour


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