Author Alexis Smith-Jones

Alexis Smith-Jones was born in Miami, FL, but now resides in Atlanta, GA. Alexis is the owner of Aj, the Writer & Company, which exists to help writers fulfill their dreams of becoming an author. Not only is Alexis, an author, but she is also an avid reader. Alexis has been creating stories since she could remember. Her passion for writing came at a very young age. Writing was her way to express herself and sometimes escape her reality. Alexis likes to use life experiences and things going on around her to create her stories. She does that so readers can feel like they are apart of the experiences and everything that the character is going through and feeling at that moment. Alexis’s writing style is unique, and she enjoys many genres.

PWH: Describe yourself in 3 words.

AJ: The three words that come to my mind is ambitious, creative, and optimistic 

PWH: You have had a passion for writing since you were little, did you ever have a moment that you wanted to do something else?

AJ: Besides writing being my first love. I have always wanted to work with kids, young adults, and families. I went to school for psychology and a minor in social work. 

PWH: Describe your writing style?

AJ: My writing style varies. My most recent style is fiction romance. 

PWH: You have written several books, what’s the inspiration behind them?

AJ: The inspiration behind my books are normal real-life events that have either happened in my life or things that are actually happening in the world. 

PWH: Do you have a favorite writer that influences your style?

AJ: Yes the two writers that influenced me were Omar Tyree and Sister Souljah.

PWH: Do you have any upcoming books?

AJ: I do have a book that will be released next with the title is Slipped Away. It’s a book of short stories of how someone lost their true love either to cheating, being too young, not realizing until it was too late, or death. 

PWH: Bonus: What advice do you have for an aspiring writer? 

AJ: The advice I have for an aspiring writer is to go for it. You will never know what you could become if you never try.

To learn more about Alexis and The AJ Writes Company visit

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