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Avery Goode is a witty, creative author, publisher, and public speaker who used writing to help her through some of her darkest moments. It was through her gifted pen, that her life began to change for the better.  Avery’s writing caught the attention of several publications and she was featured in Parle’ and Voyage ATL Magazines, where she was named a Hot-lanta Trailblazer. In 2018, she was voted Atlanta’s Hottest Author and has a bevy of other nominations to her credit.

 Known for writing Goode fiction that borders on truth, Miss Goode welcomes readers into her world of entertaining books. From erotica to suspense and genres in between, Avery shares her love of the written word with those who love to read as much as she loves to write. Armed with an arsenal of ideas, she plans on creating novels that leaves the masses craving more. If you want to keep up with Avery and discover what she will be up to next, please visit her website at, where you can sign up to receive updates on book tours, new releases and much more Goode stuff. You can also find Avery on the following social media platforms.

PWH: What inspired you to start writing?

AG: My love for books with great stories is the inspiration behind my writing. I’m an avid reader who used to run out of books to read when I was younger, so one day,  I started out rewriting the endings of my favorite stories and one of my Goode friends suggested I write one of my own. It took a few years, but eventually, I did. 

PWH: How would you describe your writing style?

AG: If James Patterson and Zane ever hooked up and had a baby, Avery Goode would be it. My writing embodies sexy suspense with storylines so realistic one would swear the events actually happened. I call my writing ‘True Fiction’. 

PWH: How many books have you written?

AG: I have written and published 6 novels and just recently finished my first short story that will be released in a few weeks. 

PWH: What is your common message that speaks in all your work? 

AG: Being honest is always the best policy because you never know if your next lie will get you killed. Each of my books has some level of betrayal in them. How my characters react to that betrayal is based on who they are and how tired they truly have become of the person or situation. 

PWH: Do you have any upcoming books?

AG: Absolutely. I have been writing for the past year and a half, simultaneously on 3 different projects. The first will release in August, then October and December. Readers can follow my social media to find out the details and specific release dates. 

PWH: Bonus: What advice do you have for an upcoming writer?

AG: Do your research and self educate as much as possible. Google is your friend and in the age of information, there is no excuse for not knowing the basics. The more you know when you enter into this arena, the greater your longevity in the literary world. 

To Connect with Avery Good visit her online

Facebook: Avery Good

Facebook: Author Avery Goode (business page)

Twitter: thegoodescribe

Instagram: thegoodescribe

Periscope: thegoodescribe

Snap: SheGoode

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