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Regan Farley has been an industry leader in the public relations space since 2012.  Regan has worked with major companies such as Fox Broadcasting Company, NBCUniversal, Def Jam Records, CBS Television, and PS Media Talent. She’s also worked red carpet events at the NAACP Image Awards and the BET Hip-Hop Awards. As an alum of Lincoln University, she understands the importance of educating oneself to become an elite force in business and life. “The dream is free, but the hustle is sold separately. Each person has a different hustle and a specific goal to get them there. It’s important to recognize that early on and know that you must run your race to be successful.”

 Regan took years of relentless first-hand experience and started The Regan Farley Agency. Her agency represents a wide variety of talented creatives looking to take their brand to new heights, through media exposure and campaigns. Her clients have appeared on shows such as Sister Circle TV, BET, and TV One, to name a few.

A stout philanthropist, Regan has partnered with organizations such as The Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles and New York. She’s also a board member in the Maryland chapter. Her current endeavors include The PR Circle, Hustle Sold Separ8ly clothing, and Can’t Knock The Hustle journal, which is in conjunction with the Hustle Sold Separ8ly brand.

PWH: Describe your brand in three words. 

RF: Create, Innovate, Inspire three words that mean the world to RFA.  In order to move the needle in the public relations space, I’m a firm believer that each campaign has to have a combination of all 3 aspects.  

PWH: Tell us how you got your start in PR?

RF: I’ve been able to have some amazing opportunities and honestly gotten bit by the PR bug early on in my career. In high school, I was in an amazing multi-media program that fueled my love for communications in college. I expanded upon that passion. One of those roles in college allowed me to plan and promote some of the biggest revenue-generating events for my university. That position allowed me to connect with university staff on a deeper level and a mentor of mine saw my work ethic and sent me to live in LA for a bit on an internship at CBS’ “Entertainment Tonight” and I officially moved to LA a year after graduation.  I submerged myself in all aspects of PR red carpet events, movie premiers, and much more.

PWH: What is your overall goal as a company?

RF: Our mission at The Regan Farley Agency is to create brand visibility with ingenuity, originality, and innovation.

We specialize in crafting an experience-driven approach due to working with industry leaders and top-tier companies.  RFA oversees a wide-spread client portfolio in  Non-Profit, Lifestyle/Beauty, and entertainment spaces. We have a passion for popular culture and blending a multi-dimensional skill set that transcends across markets.  We are dedicated to helping clients achieve optimum visibility through strategic partnerships, active storytelling, and creating campaigns that one can be proud of.

PWH: What is your process, when it comes to helping people grow their brands reach?

RF: My first step is to encourage both potential and current clients to just simply be comfortable with telling their stories.  You are your own personal walking brand and nobody will be better at telling your story than you. Finding the perfect angle is also important to tell the proper story.

PWH: Take us into a day in the life of Regan?

RF: I have to start my day in prayer no matter what, it’s the thing that keeps me grounded, and above all else, I’m just completely thankful for where I am at this moment. I check my to-do list from the past evening and hop on my scheduled meetings.  Most tasks aren’t high energy until you get into the event side of things or a big client campaign rollout.

PWH: You have had a lot of success as a company, how do you think you made it so far?

RF: I’ve made it by having a solid support system that believes in my dreams and encourages me daily to keep pushing. Mom and Grandma support everything that I do. I feel like the term “self-made” is a non-existent one we all need mentors and people who help us get to the next level. I’ve been so blessed to have people cheering for me as long as I can remember. I owe my success to the people who saw something in me even when I didn’t see it in myself that’s the only way that I’ve made it to this moment right now. 

PWH: Bonus: What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustle’s?

RF: My definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustle is someone that won’t take no for an answer, she’s relentless in pursuit of her dreams, passion and spreads light and joy to no matter what project she’s a part of. She’s a leader but she also knows when to fade into the background and allowing others to shine doesn’t take away from the work that she’s doing.

To connect with Regan and The Regan Farley Agency visit

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