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Jendayi A. Stafford is the owner of Mission Counseling & Consulting, LLC. She is an influential published author and holistic whole-body care coach who enjoys enriching the lives of others. She is highly sought after for her expertise in getting people from point A to point Z with the combination of her professional experience, online courses, books, workshops, and other resources.

Jendayi understands the importance of collaboration within communities, and that they thrive when all parts work interdependently. Individual life experiences have provided lessons and experiences that can be used collaboratively to bring about positive social change. Jendayi has a passion for consulting with businesses and non-profits in helping them develop programs that allow them to give back to the youth and to their community. She has developed programs for over 20 organizations, including restaurants, non-profits, and the United States military.

Jendayi holds a certification as a pharmacy technician, as well as a certification as a child and adolescent trauma professional. She is also a child mental health specialist. Jendayi earned a masters in psychology with an emphasis in marriage and family therapy, a masters in organizational leadership, and a graduate certificate in human resource management from Brandman University and a masters in philosophy from Walden University. She is currently working on her dissertation for her Ph.D. in developmental psychology program at Walden University.

As a former registered behavior technician (RBT), Jendayi has experience working with children and young adults with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. She is trained in using Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), DIR/Floortime, and Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT). Prior to entering the mental health and consultation fields, Jendayi served six years in the U.S. Navy as an Aviation Ordnanceman.

PWH: Tell me who is Jendayi in 4 words?

JS: Daughter of The King

PWH: When did you find your love for writing?

JS: I have always enjoyed writing, even from a young age however it wasn’t until college that I really found a passion for writing. It was then that I knew I wanted to one day be an author.

PWH: Tell us about your book?

JS: I have authored 8 books thus far; Beautiful You Are, When I Feel…!, It’s Not That Easy: Stop Telling Me To Get Over It!, My Mental Health Matters: An Introduction to Mental Health, Your Whole-Body Health, The Holistic Whole-Body Care Workbook, Beyond an Entrepreneur, and Beyond an Entrepreneur: The Workbook. I also have1book launching in June of 2020 and have 2 more that will launch the summer of 2020.

My newest launch:

Beyond an Entrepreneur is my newest launch. It is a collaboration book that features more than 10 entrepreneurs with a combined 50+ years of experience. Beyond an Entrepreneur is a must-have book for anyone looking to start their own business! It provides valuable lessons and guidelines from several entrepreneurs in various fields of work, from health care to shipping companies and non-profits. In this co-authored book, the featured entrepreneurs share their stories of the trials, errors, lessons learned and successes that allowed them to build and grow their businesses into what they are today!

Launching in June 2020:

30 Days of Prayer for Your Business is my book that will be launching in June 2020. This book is truly an inspiration for every business owner regardless of where you are in your entrepreneurial journey.

The scriptures included in this book are ones in which have carried me through the highs and lows of being in business for myself. From the time that my first business was just a thought, to the time of opening my fourth business, these scriptures have been part of my working foundation.

It is always nice to have an encouraging word spoken to you, especially when you are treading on unfamiliar ground that may seem a bit unsteady. With each scripture provided, I offer encouragements that came from both experiences and my heart.

Prayer is one of the most powerful weapons that we have access to! Not only is there a short simple prayer that can be prayed after each daily devotional, but I also help guide you into your own personal prayer with God. This specific guidance helps you focus on key areas that are specific to you and your business needs (as it relates to that day’s scripture) so that you can open up to God on a personal level and allow Him to speak to you, about you and your business!

For information on my other books, please go to and go to featured books.

PWH: What is the I.N.K. Academy, and how did it start?

JS: I.N.K. Academy is an online academy that I started in December of 2018. The mission of I.N.K. Academy is to inspire you with new knowledge to help you discover, recover, and grow!

I started the academy to provide information to clients without always having to overextend myself. After I wrote and published my first book I had a lot of people wanting to learn how to do the same, so I launched two courses on writing your book; The Basics of Writing Your Book and Get It Written. As I have continued building my business, I have also added a sales course, The Set-Up, which walks people on how to successfully calculate their monthly income goals based on services and products their business provides. We are currently working on adding mental health and business courses.

I am also excited to announce that I.N.K. Academy is expanding! We are currently partnering with Smile Real Talk Academy, based out of Nigeria, to provide a very comprehensive holistic whole-body care course. This course will teach individuals about the aspects of the six interdependent realms of the body as a whole. There will be three certification levels: introduction, intermediate and advanced. This course will be launching August/September 2020.

PWH: You are an author, holistic whole-body care coach and entrepreneur, how do you balance it all?

JS: My typical 5-day workweek is filled with an average of about 20-25 hours of therapy/whole-body care coaching, about 5 hours of meetings, 4-6 hours of working on personal projects/program development, 10 hours working with my publishing clients, 4-6 hours working on my dissertation and 5-8 hours of training and research in order to continue building my craft. With that said, the following are what really help me maintain balance in my life: a schedule, routine, set time for God, family, and myself.

I live by a schedule, and not just any schedule, a color-coded schedule! I always take about an hour on either Sunday or Monday to plan my week. Like most people, I have a couple of different digital calendars that I use (Acuity Scheduling, Google Calendar, and Outlook), plus my physical calendar. During this hour-long period, I am cross-referencing all my calendars, along with any emails and text in which things may have also been scheduled. By the time I am done updating my physical, it looks like a pretty rainbow. Although it is nice to look at, it is very purposeful. Each color allows me to know what is happening for the day or what needs to be completed by the end of the day. This allows me to schedule my day accordingly and be more flexible for my family.

Outside of my calendar, I also find balance in keeping a routine. Not one that is so rigid that it makes me inflexible, but a routine non-the-less. I typically start my days around 6:15 a.m. I get up and start my morning with prayer time and a devotional, then I check any alerts that have popped up on my phone between the time I called it quits the day before, usually around 11 pm, until after my morning prayer and devotional. After I check my alerts, my day then progresses to me completing a 10 to 15-minute stretch routine followed by breakfast around 7:45 a.m.

Lastly, I always make time for God, my family, and myself! These are mandatory for me in my life, and when I am not devoting time to one of the three, I really start to suffer and lose balance in my life.

PWH: Do you have any upcoming projects?

JS: I do!

One that I am excited for, I mentioned previously and that is the partnering of I.N.K. Academy and Smile Real Talk Academy for the creation of my holistic whole-body care certification program. This course is going to provide such an in-depth look at the whole body and the six realms that affect the body’s balance and well-being, including how what you eat affects not only your physical health but your mental health as well.


have a few other upcoming projects, but will be announcing those later, so keep an eye out on those by following me:

-Facebook: @Jendayi A Stafford

-Instagram: @dcbaby_valady

-LinkedIn: @Jendayi A Stafford

Visit Jendayi Website at

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