CEO Briana McCarthy and The Bri On Brows Brand

Bri On Brows is a brow care brand owned by licensed beauty professional and former Essence Magazine beauty columnist Briana McCarthy. Bri on Brows was born after Briana, affectionately known as Bri, noticed that many brow clients were coming to her for help for thinning brows. The signature product for her brand is the Liquid Gold Brow Oil that is formulated to help grow fuller, thicking looking brows naturally.

PWH: Describe your brand in 3 words.

BOB: Relatable. Knowledgable. Results-driven.

PWH: What is your mission with Bri On Brows?

BOB: The mission of Bri On Brows is to help people achieve fuller, thicker-looking brows naturally. We know that thin brows can be a pain point for many women. At Bri On Brows, we seek to offer an effective, natural solution to that pain point and help women feel more confident about their brows.

PWH: What can a customer expect from their shopping experience?

BOB: When shopping with us customers can expect to receive a superior product that really works (we even offer a 30-day money-back guarantee), excellent customer service, and fast shipping.

PWH: Why do women experience brow thinning?

BOB: Women experience brow thinning for many reasons. For some, it is due to age or stress. For others is it due to trauma to the brow hairs due to overplucking, threading, or waxing. 

PWH: What is your favorite Go-To product on your site?

BOB: My favorite product on my site is our Liquid Gold Brow Oil. It is full of awesome, all-natural ingredients that promote brow growth. Women across the country purchase this oil because it really works. It’s our bestseller!

PWH:Bonus: How would you define a Pretty Woman Who Hustle’s?

BOB: I would define a Pretty Woman that hustles as driven, focused, and relentless. She is one that sets her sights on a goal and doesn’t give up until it is accomplished. Finally, a pretty woman that hustles is not only concerned with her own success but also wants to make sure the women around her succeed as well. 

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