CEO Elisa and The Doll House Beauty Lounge Brand

Elisa is a Dutch entrepreneur and she started Dollhousebeautylounge LLC in November 2019, Dollhousebeautylounge CBD skincare haircare, Makeup and CBD Hemp oil line is exclusively created to accomplish and maintain beautiful skin, and luscious hair! CBD has been shown to be one of the strongest antioxidants that protect the skin from wrinkles and premature aging. CBD protects against free radicals, cell proliferation, and increases elasticity. CBD cannabidiol helps to prevent skin flair ups, natural antioxidant balances oil production only botanical with vitamin D, Prevents heals acne. 25% of our body’s immune system is contained within the skin, And especially during this time, it is very essential to stay on top of our health and our immune system, CBD is exactly what the world needs, It’s organic and healthy, CBD has a lot of healing benefits!

Our hair comes raw and we have the best quality virgin hair extension and custom wigs. Our wigs are all handcrafted, we offer custom colored wigs, And free shipping, Our wigs and bundles come in all textures and lengths, Wigs are a good alternative to change your hairstyle in a matter of seconds without damaging your own hair, Hair color and heat can be very damaging to the hair and the scalp. with wigs, you can protect your natural hair, for it to grow longer, And faster.

We have a different variety of eyelash extensions, Our eyelashes are all real mink handmade, And they all come in different styles, lengths, and volumes.

PWH: Describe Dollhousebeautylounge in 6 words. 

DHBL: CBD infused cosmetics, Hair extensions, Eyelash extensions, Everything beauty

PWH: What Motivated you to get into the CBD Industry?

DHBL: I was born and raised in the Netherlands, where Cannabis/cannabidiol has been available for recreational use in coffee shops since 1976, In The Netherlands cannabis products are openly sold in local coffee shops, I got exposed to CBD at a very young age,

And discovered the healing powers that CBD has to offer! As a Dutch entrepreneur, I created CBD products/cosmetics that are healthy for you inside and out, CBD comes from a sacred marijuana plant, It has a lot of healing benefits.CBD is good for acne, inflammation, And anti-aging, Dollhousebeautylounge also added CBD peppermint drops to the collection for internal use, you can mix our CBD drops with tea, smoothies, or just with water! The drops work very well for anxiety, Better sleep, and calmness throughout the day. 

Dollhousebeautylounge is all about making you feel better, whether its with CBD, some new eyelashes, or some good hair.

PWH: You have successfully merged the Love of CBD Products, hair and Lashes into one company, how did you do it?

DHBL: I was motivated to create everything that involves beauty in one with a healthy  twist,

I did not just wanna start a beauty brand. I also want people to stay on top of their health with CBD, You can wear the most beautiful hair, have the most beautiful eyelashes on, have the greatest skin, but all that doesn’t count if you don’t feel good within. That’s why I added CBD into the Dollhousebeautylounge brand, With CBD you can have it all, look beautiful, and feel beautiful at the same time. A healthy person is a beautiful person, And the hair and the eyelashes are the icings on the cake! 

PWH: Do you have a favorite product, that you always recommend?

DHBL: Yes, our CBD pure vita C30 with pure Hemp oil, And our Dollhousebeautylounge Aloe moisturizer with CBD and collagen are the best for beautiful glowing skin, I use that in the morning when I wake up, and at night before bed, I use the hemp oil first, and then the CBD moisturizer on top of the Hemp oil, my acne and wrinkles are gone, and my skin feels so soft! 

PWH: Where do you see your brand in the next five years?

DHBL: I see Dollhousebeautylounge being an international household brand!

PWH: What advice do you have for someone wanting to enter the CBD and Beauty Industry?

DHBL: Do a lot of research, learn about the sacred cannabis plant, and learn about the healing powers of CBD, Only create something you truly believe in!

PWH: Bonus: What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustle’s?

DHBL: Beauty/brains/kindness/humbleness

To Connect with Elisa and The Doll House Beauty Lounge Visit them online

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