Nurse Turned CEO London Ward & Snob Nails Brand

Snob Nails was founded by London Ward a woman who is fastly making a name for herself in the Nail Industry. London started her nail tech journey 3 years ago as a graduate from Ballou Cosmetology School in Washington D.C. Her Company is a nail salon and Nail Technology Unversity that offers classes to aspiring nail techs looking to upgrade their current skill set, producing quality couture nails and educated skilled Techs. London holds licensure with the DC and MD Board of Cosmetology. Snob Nails LLC mission is to produce young black entrepreneurs and create an impact on the positive side of the beauty industry Through educated skillful nail techs. She started Snob Nails Salon with no loans, no handouts and $6,500 of her saved salary From being a nurse. While working as a nurse London sparked an interest of creating residual income due to being a mother of a special needs child that grew into a passion for doing nails.

 PWH: Describe yourself in 3 words? 

LW: Energetic, passionate, brave

PWH: Where did your vision for Snob Nails come from?

LW: Out the sky, i quite my job as a nurse, told myself I was now going to be an entrepreneur, made a list of businesses I could start, picked my fav number #22 from the list which was Nail a salon. Nail salon seemed to be the easiest and cheapest route for me to go. I said ok & ran with it which has carried me to my journey of success. 

 PWH: Tell us about Snob Nails?

LW: Snob Nails is a Nail Salon and Nail Education Training Center. Producing quality couture nails an educated skilled Techs.

PWH: What can upcoming students learn from the Snob Nails Academy?

LW: How to effectively go forth as a nail tech and build upon the skills taught to produce great nails while making money. 

 PWH: What is the most rewarding and challenging part of your business?

LW: Depending on the day, people interaction.

  PWH: Where do you see Snob Nails and your academy in 10 years? 

LW: Equivalently coined as the “Harvard school of nails “

PWH: Bonus: Describe your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles? 

LW: Money doesn’t define your self worth. It only defines your class status as to how others see or portray you. As a woman our character should define us, our due diligence to want to help our fellow brothers and sisters, our passion that lead us on this money chase to success. I’ve said all that to say this. Hustle isn’t equated to wealth. It’s equated to tenacity and grind which the strength of us woman possess.

To learn more about London and the Snob Nails Brand visit them online

Jakia Cheatham - Myles

CEO/Founder of Pretty Women Hustle Magazine

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