Tha Queen Takeover

Taught by a hustler, Her mother (Joanne Hall), who has a heart made of gold. Loved and raised by a woman with a six-grade education. She is one of the smartest people she has ever met in her life, Her grandmother ( Josephine Hall ). Knowing of her father (Walter Renwick Goldston) FREE WALTER GOLDSTON!!! All the people she has met in her life good or bad, Had an impact on the grown woman she is today. Growing up she knew, she had to and wanted to be a part of the different crowd. Her ideas, business plans, dreams, and even her career was bigger than her community. She is NOT perfect, but she is Human!!! She has made mistakes in life, WE all have. Because of GOD, Her Family, the Mic, and the Stage is what keeps saving her. Tha Queen Takeover and her team are the new faces at 953Jamz. Her role at the station as co-host and production for The Morning Show 953 Jamz, with one of the funniest comedians and businesswoman in Hollywood Sheryl Underwood. A True Game Changer.

The Words of The Queen: Hearing my voice coming through on the airwaves is just the beginning. What the future holds for me is a professional platform for all entertainers to be exposed to bigger opportunities and give people opportunities. I want to continue being a voice for the people by the people, a voice for the silenced. Some may be tired of hearing my voice, get ready HATERS to start flipping your TV channels. I’m looking forward to elevating my career to film, with having a little bit of drama and theater. Get ready Hollywood, I’m coming !!! THA QUEEN TAKEOVER has been CROWNED & ON THE THRONE. I started from nothing with just a feeling knowing I was different, I was born to lead and born for the world to hear and see who I am. Working for one of my favorite DJs, the hottest DJ. One who taught me a lot about the business,  DJ Double Nyce. Getting kicked out of clubs, party’s for passing out flyers and selling mixtapes at different places. Then being a receptionist for a record label. Duke University 88.7 wxdu, gave me my very first opportunity as a co-host radio personality. That’s where it all started for myself to realize being a radio personality was apart of who I am. I ENJOY BEING A VOICE FOR THE PEOPLE.  I have earned my stripes &  paid my debts and have sacrificed more than my share. Nothing I do is for myself, I do everything for my family, my loved ones, and even people I don’t know. I thank everyone that has ever helped me out in life, WHEN I WAS AT MY LOWEST. LOOK AT ME WORLD,  I’M STILL IN MY BLESSINGS.

Very inspiring words, let’s jump in with the questions:

PWH: Describe Yourself and brand in four words.

NH: AmbitiouS, Bold, Determined and Natural – Leader 

PWH: Where does your motivation come from?

NH: I work my hardest when my back is against the wall and I’m standing between a rock & a hard place. The HATERS are always going to be there, they are MY CHEERLEADERS. Honestly speaking ALL of my motivation comes from my father ( LORD JESUS CHRIST ), My two Kings, My family the HALL’S / WILSON’S / SHACKLEFORD’S. I do it All for the ones I love, I want to be able to help others.

PWH: At what point did you know you wanted to be apart of the Radio industry?

NH: My dream was to be a BIG  movie star in Hollywood. Having my name going across the screen and in the credits. My face on the billboards, and my name being a household brand. That dream is coming to reality soon. Duke University gave me my first opportunity as a radio personality, That is where I started to realize being a radio personality was apart of who I am supposed to be. I enjoy being a voice for the people and receiving feedback good or bad.

PWH: What challenges have you faced trying to make it in the industry? 

NH: Fighting to get in front of the Right people. One thing about me I walk out swinging, I’m coming back with some Checks & Bigger opportunities.

PWH: What can listeners gain from your show?

NH: Useful industry information. Positive inspiring messages from my own life experiences.

PWH: Where can we listen to your show?

NH: Listen on the website, download the Tune In app and or the Waze app 

Bonus: Define What it means to be a Pretty Woman Who Hustle’s? 

 NH: A woman who’s not so Pretty that she can’t get her hands dirty. One who’s not afraid to stand up for what’s right. Out of all the hats, a pretty woman who hustles wears being a mother is My Favorite ONE OF ALL.

Support Tha Queen Takeover: 

Listen on the website, download the Tune In app and or the Waze app Monday-Friday 7 am-10 am.

Jakia Cheatham - Myles

CEO/Founder of Pretty Women Hustle Magazine

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