CEO Ashley Johnson & The Loyal Hands Company

Loyal Hands is NEDA proficient End Of Life Consulting agency comprised trained doulas who provide support and guidance with holistic services to individuals and their families during transformative life changes. Our end of life doulas aims to enrich the dying experience for patients, family members, and friends, while strengthening the relationship between medical and non-medical support. Loyal Hands is based in Orlando Florida yet serves clients all over the world through virtual consultations and travel.

PWH: What motivated your interest in becoming a Death Doula?

AJ: Loyal Hands was inspired by growing up in a low socio-economic neighborhood that lacked advocacy on how to deal with end of life practices. When death happened, families were not mentally, emotionally, and financially prepared. Families were not healing from said traumas. The actual footwork of Loyal Hands started when my childhood friend was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer at the age of 27 and I was doing the task of an end of life doula without knowing. Once she transitioned, I saw fit for a need to provide others in need of education, service, companionship, and continue this journey as everyone deserves a”good death” and families need proper closure.

PWH: For those wondering, please tell us what services does your company offer?

AJ: Loyal Hands was established to be helpful in easing the end of life process by creating the cohesion between medical support with emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual support. A huge part of being an End of Life Doula is to establish trust and build a relationship with medical teams, patients, and their families. End of life doulas complement the care from hospitals, senior-care facilities, and hospices while filling in the gaps that occur during the dying process. Death doulas are proving to be a valuable way to combine traditional hospice and hospital care with non-medical care, such as:

• Advance Health Care Planning

• Practical Training For Family Caregivers

• Creating a Plan for Support at the Patient’s Time of Death

• Help with Planning Funeral and Memorial Services

• Companionship to Patients

• Needed Relief for Family Caregivers

• Therapeutic Music and Animal-Assisted Social Visits

• Transportation to Appointments

• Help with Household Errands

• Vigil presence for Actively Dying Patients

• Creating Legacy Projects

End-of-life doulas help clients and families be impartial of the pain and fear of the unknown. The comforting presence of a doula enables opportunities for the dying to connect more deeply with loved ones and to enjoy the time that remains.

PWH: How has being a death doula, impacted you in any way?

AJ: Our End of life Doulas at Loyal Hands consistently mention how this work has changed the way embrace life and death. End-of-life doulas are so in love with life that we hope to bring comfort and peace to the very last seconds of every person time on earth. We tend to dedicate time to the things we love, and feel passionate about, and spend time doing things that truly matter to us. I personally am able to see the silver lining in everything. I appreciate

PWH: What advice do you have for any woman, looking to enter this industry?

AJ: Being a death doulas is strangely similar to being a life coach as we bring a sense of normalcy and balance surrounding the death experience. Any woman looking to in this industry I would tell them that we are advocates for the dying and once you immerse yourself in this lifestyle, you will look at everything differently!….I promise.

PWH: Tell us your companies Mission?

AJ: Loyal Hands mission is to inspire #DeathPositive end of life practices by creating high standards, ethical and practical guidelines, and meaningful experiences for the dying, their caregivers, and the agencies involved.

Ashley Johnson is a NEDA proficient End of Life Doula. She has been in the death care industry for over a decade.

Loyal Hands is NEDA proficient End Of Life Consulting agency based in Orlando Florida yet serves clients all over the world through virtual consultations and travel. Contact the team via phone at 407-476-8506 or send online inquiries via email to For additional information regarding services, visit You can also reach them via Instagram @Loyal.Hands

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