CEO Orisha Burns and The Heavenly Crop Brand

The Heavenly Crop is a wellness-centered product line that develops and produces small-batch and organic offerings to support, protect, and heal the skin, hair, body, and the womb. The Heavenly Crop approach is simple and quite possibly the antithesis of “good business”. Products are made in small batches or purchased in small quantities from (mainly) small businesses. The production and curation schedule works around customer demand and the moon. There is a deep pride in putting the best intentions into each product and package. This ensures that things are fresh and sometimes literally made for each person. Offerings include personally curated THC packages and other wellness products, created in-house using plant-based recipes amplified by various minerals and lunar or solar charging. All handmade products are made in small batches without preservatives or chemicals. Most THC items are packaged in glass and paper, and most of the shipping materials are recyclable or reused from company orders. We doing our very best to put the planet and the people first.

PWH: Describe The Heavenly Crop in four words?

OB: euphoric, wellbeing, botanical, ritual.

PWH: What inspired Heavenly Crop?

OB: The Heavenly Crop was inspired by my strong desire to live a more simple, chemical-free lifestyle, married with a deep admiration for traditional, homemade, handmade, artisanal remedies and formulas. My curiosity, creativity, love for science, and interest in health influenced me to take the leap into making my own blends which transformed into the company’s offerings. The Heavenly Crop holds me accountable to my intention of maintaining a healthy self-care practice and also allows me to support others with theirs, while spotlighting the immense benefits of THC and CBD, two of the most well-known components of cannabis. It often takes time, but returning customers eventually notice the company’s acronym is THC.

PWH: What can women find when they enter your site?

OB: Women can find a safe space and a full range of products catering to their bodies, both for skin and within. The THC line is quite simple in that I offer essentials for one’s skincare and body care practice. Most of the products are organic, and if not are made from organic ingredients, with several being infused with cannabis. Visitors can find soap, toner, and oil for their face, serum for their hair, sunscreen and body butter, steaming herbs and a tincture for their womb, an oil for tension and pain, nourishing teas, and botanical perfumes. We also offer a curated care package for mothers transitioning through the early postpartum stage, with which 5% of the proceeds go to COHI (Circle of Health International), an amazing organization championing prenatal, postnatal, and infant health in areas of conflict.

PWH: Top three products available on your site right now? 

OB: At the moment, the most popular items are the Body Bless Oil (for pain and tension), Too Shea Butter (whipped with organic olive oil), and Sun Luva SPF25+ (organic mineral sunscreen).

PWH: Tell us the benefits of your THC line?

OB: There are so many benefits of The Heavenly Crop line, starting with a shift from relying on globalized corporations back to patronizing small businesses. The products are all-natural and handmade with an emphasis on organic ingredients that nourish and heal without harmful side effects. When we are able to do this, it allows us to further heal or improve other areas of our lives. Almost everything is gentle enough for sensitive skin and can be used on children, which is a great benefit to customers with families. It is incredibly important for me that The Heavenly Crop offers what I call One-For-All products. This gives customers peace of mind, particularly parents. A few of the products have potent healing benefits; namely the Body Bless Oil, the pumSTEAM, and ginnyTONIC. Others are nourishing like the shea butter, teas and hair/beard serum, or protective like the sunscreen. All of these attributes make the THC line beneficial to one’s overall physical wellbeing.

PWH: Why should women shop at a  wellness-centered store?

OB: What generally sets wellness-centered stores apart from others is the extensive variety of products and the knowledge base of the staff. At these stores, there are employees equipped with some general knowledge of wellness and stocked products, in addition to having experts on-site. I believe this is crucial for all consumers, especially women. Capital-driven businesses do not always have customers’ best interests in mind. This can create a frustrating shopping experience and be draining to women’s energy and finances, often leading to harmful and wasteful purchases. In addition, these big box stores all carry heavily processed and unhealthy items which creates a contradictory environment. Wellness-centered companies funnel their resources and intentions into researching, developing, and providing products that are designed to support, nourish, heal and protect. Women can be confident that wellness-centered stores have reviewed these companies and their products before they retail them to ensure they are safe and meet the needs of their customers. In addition, these stores are often smaller allowing for a higher level of involvement and care.

Connect with The Heavenly Crop by visiting their website

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