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Keisha Greaves is a motivational speaker, the founder of Girls Chronically Rock, and the Massachusetts State Ambassador for the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA). Girls Chronically Rock offers inspired fashion celebrating Muscular Dystrophy and other chronic illnesses.

Over the past few years, Keisha has been featured in Good Morning America, Today Show, WCVB Chronicle, ABC News, Thrive Global, Politico, Improper Bostonian, Boston Voyager, Herself 360, Liz on Biz, among other outlets on and offline. One of Keisha’s proudest moments is being featured In Today Style Heroes among other celebrities such as Gabrielle Union, Drew Barrymore, Debra Messing and more. Another proud moment of Keisha is being featured on Channel 5 ABC Chronicle sharing her story. She’s lent her voice to audiences at the Spaulding Rehabilitation Center in Charlestown, Massachusetts General Hospital, the Boston Muscle Walk, local “Fill the Boot” events, Cambridge City Hall, and Girl’s Night Out for Muscular Dystrophy – a Boston-area fundraising event held by NextonScene.

Keisha spearheaded fruitful collaborations with other notable fashion influencers which resulted in thousands of dollars raised for MDA – the most successful collaborations being with renown designer Sara Campbell and Althea Blackford, the woman behind Caribbean Fashion Week.

One of Keisha’s proudest moments happened after working and meeting with Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker: Keisha got September 30 officially proclaimed Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy Awareness Day. She also received the proclamation from Mayor Marc McGovern from the city of Cambridge.

PWH: Describe your Brand in 5 Words.

KG: My brand is a  Movement, Inspiration, Fashion, Creative, and different. PWH: Who is Keisha Greaves, tell us something we wouldn’t find on paper?

KG: Keisha Greaves Is a motivated hustler and will stop at nothing until she gets where she wants to be. Keisha loves eating buffalo chicken wings and pizza combined. She is a tv fanatic and watches everything to love and hip hop, jersey shore, Wendy Williams, and 90-day fiance. and of course, she is a fashionista.

PWH: What inspired the start of Girls Chronically Rock?

KG: Girls Chronically Rock was inspired because in 2010 I was diagnosed with a muscle disease called, LImb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy, where it affects the limbs, all the way down to my feet. It progresses over time. Of course, after being in denial for some time, I was not sure what the future would hold for me. After accepting the fact that this Muscular Dystrophy was not going anywhere. I knew it was time to put my dreams to use and started my fashion business. I wanted to create something to help and inspire and motivate others in the disability community. I wanted to express how I feel through my clothing line with different inspirational quotes with different meanings. I thought of the name girls chronically rock and I loved the way it sounded and I ran with it. I started girls chronically rock in 2017 and it has grown from there and I continue to create my movement and build it into an EMPIRE!!

PWH: You are a known speaker around the world. speaking on various topics: What is your common message that you take everywhere with you?

KG: I want people to feel inspired, and motivated that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to no matter what you may be dealing with, it takes time. I would also suggest talking to others in the same boat as you, because there is nothing like speaking to others who understand and feel what you are going through. 

PWH: What can women find on The Girls Chronically Rock Site?

KG: You can find Girls chronically rock inspirational t-shirts for both men and women, you can find masks, throw pillows, accessories, and a lot more about me and what exactly is limb-girdle muscular dystrophy. You can read my blog posts, press releases, and more. 

PWH: What is your hope over the next few years with You and Your brand?

KG: I would love to get Girls Chronically Rock into major department stores, such as: target, Macy’s, and TJX Corporation. I would love to continue to see my line down fashion runways, maybe even on Ellen and Oprah show, and continue to bring awareness about my brand. I would also love to create an adaptive, accessible clothing line for people with disabilities because a lot of people don’t understand what it’s like for people with disabilities to get dressed on a daily basis. Being able to get dressed in adaptive, accessible clothing would make our lives so much easier. I want the adaptive clothing line to be fun, colorful, affordable, and of course fashionable. 

Bonus: What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustle’s?

A Pretty woman Who hustles to me is someone who is powerful, empowered, and a true BOSS, and inspires others. 

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