Author S. Hollisway

S. Hollisway, the S standing for Shaye. The name comes partially from her artistic muse and mentor for the majority of her adult life and one of her literary inspirations, Ernest Hemingway. S. Hollisway always considered herself a creative person. Her experience includes blogging, writing for, and several magazines. S. Hollisway says her favorite thing about being a writer is hearing how her words affected someone in a positive way. It makes her feel like she is making an impact and helping people heal.

PWH: What sparked your interest in writing?

SH: My interest in writing started when I was younger. I loved reading anything I could get my hands on and I wanted to create work that people would love to read and in turn, would fall in love with.

PWH: At what point did it hit you that you really are an Author?

SH: I think the first time I considered myself an author was when I would submit my work in competitions and they would place in between 1st and 5th place consistently. I’d have notebooks and notebooks full of stories and that’s when I think that when I realized that I had it in me to be an author.

PWH: What motivated the title “Scarred and Faceless”?

SH: The title came from one of the poems that I wrote that was titleless for a while that was included in the book. The more I read through the poetry collection the more I felt the title of that poem encompassed the whole theme of the book.

PWH: What message do you hope readers receive when reading your work?

SH: Well, I would consider myself a cynical hopeless romantic which is a bit of an oxymoron. I say that to say that the message I hope to convey is that life is difficult. It’s a roller coaster. If you can compartmentalize life and ride out the bad times then it makes the good times so much more worthwhile and sustainable.

PWH: What advice do you have for upcoming writers, specifically poets?

SH: The greatest advice I’ve heard as a poet is finding your niche is important. Build a following; I would recommend Twitter, with like-minded people who crave and enjoy your work. Building that community of poets and other writers is vital because the support they offer not only with positive words of encouragement and your work is shared as well.

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CEO Ashley Crenshaw and Boss Made Planners LLC.

Boss Made Planners, L.L.C. is a small business owned by a motivated millennial who wants to bring simple goal planning to everyone. We specialize in planners and planner accessories. The type of planners we offer are: Business Planners

Boss Made Planners wants to help you achieve your goals by providing you with unique and motivational planners, stickers, bookmarks, and much, much more!

PWH: Who is Ashley, in three words?

AC: I had to ask my friends and family about this one. LOL. This is what I got.

Ambitious, Dependable & Caring

PWH: What inspired the Boss Made Planner Brand?

AC: Minimal, Functional, Educational, Motivational. Those are the aspects that the Boss Made Brand stands upon. The goal was to create a product and a brand that could fit the needs of a variety of people. Something that they could easily see themselves in and imprint on. A brand that would speak to their inner creativity all while giving them the structure necessary to help them focus on their goals. It is inspired by the Boss that we all are and each Boss has their own individual needs. My brand is here to help you discover those needs.

PWH: What is your hope for women who receive the Boss Made Planner?

AC: I want them to experience a lifestyle change that promotes the betterment of themselves and their business(es). To get them thinking in ways they hadn’t before.

PWH: What message do you hope readers gain from your platform?

AC: That you are the Boss of your own self-being. That your goals are only as important as you make them. And that success takes time, progress, and little wins accompanied by some failures. but don’t give up! Time and consistency is everything.

PWH: Where do you see your brand in five years?

AC: Boss Made will be a staple in the planner community. We will be competing with the bigger names and brands and they will look to us for inspiration. There will be Boss Made Babes all over the world in a variety of different markets.

PWH: Bonus: What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustle’s?

AC: She is a Boss Made Babe in every aspect of the phrase. Not only is she achieving her goals but she is achieving self-worth and understanding while feeling & looking her best both inside and out.

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Author Verna Cyril

Verna Cyril was born on the beautiful island of Saint Lucia, in the Caribbean. From an early age, Verna was fascinated by the written word and she devoured anything in print that she could lay her hands on. As she progressed, her knowledge of the world and the intricacies of human behavior increased and fired her imagination to express herself in the fantasy of conjuring stories that were graphic and spellbinding much to the delight of family members and a growing circle of friends and admirers.

The encouragement she got from well-wishers led her to write her first novel, a romance, in which she implicitly endorses the belief that love is capable of surmounting all barriers. In this book, Heart of a Slave she weaves fantasy into a robust adventure, exploring the dynamics of the historical era, in which the story is set, in a spectacular and credible tale.

Other than the hours she spends daily reading, writing, and researching, Verna devotes time for her closely-knit and supportive family, especially being outdoors with them and enjoying nature. Verna is amiable and loves meeting her readers and other people as there is so much she learns from others in an intimate one-to-one discourse.

PWH: What inspired you to start writing?

VC: I have always been blessed with a vivid imagination and had a strong desire to create my own voice. I didn’t complete my first novel until I was thirty-one. My first novel “Heart of a Slave” is an interracial historical romance that endorses the belief that love is capable of surmounting all barriers. I also enjoy a good fantasy romance and so I wrote my first novella that is initially part of a series. Writing is my little sanctuary that keeps me afloat amidst my daily activities.

PWH: How long have you been writing

VC: I began writing teenage fiction at the age of thirteen but I didn’t publish my first book until March 2020

PWH: How many books have you written? Which is your favorite?

VC: I am the author of two books, my first, a historical romance, and my second, a fantasy romance. I really enjoyed writing “Heart of a Slave” It gave me the opportunity to tell the story of a young woman who was captured into slavery and her personal experience living on the plantation. I am looking forward to writing a sequel.

PWH: What is the most surprising thing you discovered while writing your book(s)?

VC: The most surprising thing I discovered while writing my book is that you can’t please everyone, not everyone will like what you write about; just share the story that you are passionate about.

PWH: Are you working on anything at the present you would like to share with your readers about?

VC: Actually yes, I am working on another historical romance novel.

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Author Sheree McDaniel

Sheree McDaniel for many years suffered in silence, she withheld a secret from her family and friends that her marriage was falling apart. She had the perfect husband, the perfect marriage, how could this be her life. Sheree found out during this time about God’s timing, she discovered that she was 6 weeks pregnant with the child that she and her husband previously tried desperately to conceive. she felt alone and suffered depression throughout the pregnancy! Glory to the Creator she gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl.

A year later, she suffered a child’s worse fear, her mom passed away from cancer and on her death bed, she begged sheree to pick up the pieces and gain control of her life. Sheree fought through the treacherous to honor her last request! she turned her pain into power!! Sheree started writing, she also started mentoring other women who were suffering silently. Sheree held her first women empowerment meeting in 2019, published her first book April of 2020 titled Hey Girl, Slayy! Slaying the Enemy; Physically, Spiritually & Emotionally!!

Sheree refuses to allow what I had through to be in vain!! Her Goal & mission is to help others to go through it but come out slaying!

PWH: What sparked your interest in writing?

SM: About 8 years ago, I was very active in church; I was apart of a few Ministries, we would meet, and each one of us would have to speak on different topics. I began writing to prepare for my topic of discussion, and I started asking God to download it into me. I would wake up at 3 a.m. writing, and things would download into my spirit as I would be driving. I’d written so much that within 6 months, I had a notebook and 2 folders filled with writings. 

PWH: At what moment did you realize “Hey this could be a Book”? 

SM: Despite all that I’ve endured, I have always encouraged others. I was pouring into others as I was hurting. I refused to have my pain be in vain.

PWH: What inspired the title, ” Hey Girl Slay”? 

SM: We know how to Slayy our Makeup, wardrobe, our outer appearance, but what the inner soul? I want to encourage Women who battled with depression and suffered silently to Slayy the Enemy, Spiritually, Emotionally, and Physically. 

PWH: What was your writing process like?

SM: Oh my gosh! I’ve learned so much throughout this process. It was exciting and scary at the same time. 

PWH: What challenges did you face while writing your book?

SM: The spirit of Doubt and fear. Will it be worth reading? What if it’s a flop! My God reminded me that if he places A vision within me to do it.  The Lord is Light and Salvation, whom Shall I fear? 

PWH: What message do you hope readers gain from your work?

SM: It’s ok, not to be ok. The battle you are facing today will someday be the platform that You will stand on. Don’t give up, and Slayy the heck out of the Enemy!! 

PWH: Do you have any upcoming projects you would like to share?

SM: I am currently working on revising the first book,” Hey Girl Slayy.”  I’ve recently started a nonprofit organization for women to connect and network within the community.

PWH: Bonus: What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustle’s? SM: A woman who isn’t afraid to show her love and light from within. Although she’s Beautiful on the outside, she isn’t scared to get it out the mud, she might fold, but she won bend. She can stay up all night crying and stressed how it would get done, but the world would never know it. She adjusts her crown and stays in alignment. 

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CEO Dai Baker and Dai Baker Creative Group

Dai Baker is a woman on a mission to achieve greatness. Dai Baker is a marketing and branding strategist, publicist, serial entrepreneur, academic scholar and a mother. She is also an adjunct faculty member and mentor.

In September 2015, she launched Dai Baker Creative Group LLC. DBCG is a full-service creative agency specializing in branding, marketing, public relations, graphic and web design. Her agency is a reflection of her creative passion. Dai currently runs her agency with the help of a small team of all women.  Dai received her Bachelor’s degree with honors in Public Relations in December 2016 from Eastern Michigan University and received her Master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communications in December 2019 from West Virginia University. While in college she served as a leader on numerous executive boards. She completed her undergraduate thesis “Online Sex Slaves: The Internet’s Most Powerful Role in Sex Trafficking,” which has been published and presented at numerous conferences. As of May 2020, she is currently a doctoral student in a DBA marketing program.  As a teen mother who beat statistics by graduating high school and college with honors, Dai is on a mission to empower others to do the same. Her daughter is her biggest motivation. In June 2020, she launched Empowering Young Mothers LLC, a social good business to mentor, empower and advocate for young mothers.  Dai is an active member of her community through volunteering and board member of various nonprofits.  She is a member of the Female Founder Collective.

PWH: Who is Dai Baker, After the workday is over?

DB: After the workday, I go into doctoral student and mother mode. I am currently in the first year of my doctoral marketing program, so after my workday go into studying mode. I am currently in the beginning stages of figuring out what my dissertation topic will be and working through my coursework. I am also a mother, so I go into my mommy mode by making dinner for my family and ensuring the house clean. We also like to watch movies together and tell jokes. I’m a workaholic so anytime I can spend with them and not think about work is great. 

PWH: What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? 

DB: I have always had the entrepreneurial spirit and mind since a child. In my childhood, I was always creating different business ideas and wanting to be the one in charge. Naturally, while in undergrad I took the opportunity to form my first business. After spending months freelancing in the industry, I decided to formalize and create an agency to be official. I believe I was always destined to be an entrepreneur. 

PWH: You are a publicist and Marketing Strategist, what is the most challenging part of your career?

DB: The most challenging part of my career is avoiding creative burnout. My career relies on me being creative every day. When I am super booked I can sometimes begin to feel creatively burned out from working on my client projects daily.

PWH: What advice do you have for New Entrepreneurs trying to brand themselves and their companies? 

DB: It is very easy to rush focus on the visual aspect first such as your logo but start with the strategy first. It is important to have a clear brand strategy before moving on to steps such as logo design, marketing, or a website. Think about what you want your brand to communicate to your target audience. What is your brand’s story? Consider items such as your core values, mission, and vision as a starting place. 

PWH: Tell us about Your Organization “Empowering Young Mothers LLC.”?

DB: Empowering Young Mothers is a social business I recently that was inspired by my own personal journey through motherhood. Informally, I have been sharing my journey with my fellow young mothers who often asked what was my blueprint for success. I want to encourage more young mothers to work to beat the odds. Empowering Young Mothers is created to be a supportive organization for the young mother who is seeking support as she works toward reaching her goals to create a better life for her and her child(ren). EYM provides grants, resources, mentoring along with other initiatives that will be launching as we grow. 

PWH: Bonus: What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustle’s? 

DB: She’s a true boss who is not afraid to go after what she wants. She’s an ambitious goal-getter. 

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CEO Keisha Greaves & Girls Chronically Rock Brand

Keisha Greaves is a motivational speaker, the founder of Girls Chronically Rock, and the Massachusetts State Ambassador for the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA). Girls Chronically Rock offers inspired fashion celebrating Muscular Dystrophy and other chronic illnesses.

Over the past few years, Keisha has been featured in Good Morning America, Today Show, WCVB Chronicle, ABC News, Thrive Global, Politico, Improper Bostonian, Boston Voyager, Herself 360, Liz on Biz, among other outlets on and offline. One of Keisha’s proudest moments is being featured In Today Style Heroes among other celebrities such as Gabrielle Union, Drew Barrymore, Debra Messing and more. Another proud moment of Keisha is being featured on Channel 5 ABC Chronicle sharing her story. She’s lent her voice to audiences at the Spaulding Rehabilitation Center in Charlestown, Massachusetts General Hospital, the Boston Muscle Walk, local “Fill the Boot” events, Cambridge City Hall, and Girl’s Night Out for Muscular Dystrophy – a Boston-area fundraising event held by NextonScene.

Keisha spearheaded fruitful collaborations with other notable fashion influencers which resulted in thousands of dollars raised for MDA – the most successful collaborations being with renown designer Sara Campbell and Althea Blackford, the woman behind Caribbean Fashion Week.

One of Keisha’s proudest moments happened after working and meeting with Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker: Keisha got September 30 officially proclaimed Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy Awareness Day. She also received the proclamation from Mayor Marc McGovern from the city of Cambridge.

PWH: Describe your Brand in 5 Words.

KG: My brand is a  Movement, Inspiration, Fashion, Creative, and different. PWH: Who is Keisha Greaves, tell us something we wouldn’t find on paper?

KG: Keisha Greaves Is a motivated hustler and will stop at nothing until she gets where she wants to be. Keisha loves eating buffalo chicken wings and pizza combined. She is a tv fanatic and watches everything to love and hip hop, jersey shore, Wendy Williams, and 90-day fiance. and of course, she is a fashionista.

PWH: What inspired the start of Girls Chronically Rock?

KG: Girls Chronically Rock was inspired because in 2010 I was diagnosed with a muscle disease called, LImb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy, where it affects the limbs, all the way down to my feet. It progresses over time. Of course, after being in denial for some time, I was not sure what the future would hold for me. After accepting the fact that this Muscular Dystrophy was not going anywhere. I knew it was time to put my dreams to use and started my fashion business. I wanted to create something to help and inspire and motivate others in the disability community. I wanted to express how I feel through my clothing line with different inspirational quotes with different meanings. I thought of the name girls chronically rock and I loved the way it sounded and I ran with it. I started girls chronically rock in 2017 and it has grown from there and I continue to create my movement and build it into an EMPIRE!!

PWH: You are a known speaker around the world. speaking on various topics: What is your common message that you take everywhere with you?

KG: I want people to feel inspired, and motivated that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to no matter what you may be dealing with, it takes time. I would also suggest talking to others in the same boat as you, because there is nothing like speaking to others who understand and feel what you are going through. 

PWH: What can women find on The Girls Chronically Rock Site?

KG: You can find Girls chronically rock inspirational t-shirts for both men and women, you can find masks, throw pillows, accessories, and a lot more about me and what exactly is limb-girdle muscular dystrophy. You can read my blog posts, press releases, and more. 

PWH: What is your hope over the next few years with You and Your brand?

KG: I would love to get Girls Chronically Rock into major department stores, such as: target, Macy’s, and TJX Corporation. I would love to continue to see my line down fashion runways, maybe even on Ellen and Oprah show, and continue to bring awareness about my brand. I would also love to create an adaptive, accessible clothing line for people with disabilities because a lot of people don’t understand what it’s like for people with disabilities to get dressed on a daily basis. Being able to get dressed in adaptive, accessible clothing would make our lives so much easier. I want the adaptive clothing line to be fun, colorful, affordable, and of course fashionable. 

Bonus: What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustle’s?

A Pretty woman Who hustles to me is someone who is powerful, empowered, and a true BOSS, and inspires others. 

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