Author Sheree McDaniel

Sheree McDaniel for many years suffered in silence, she withheld a secret from her family and friends that her marriage was falling apart. She had the perfect husband, the perfect marriage, how could this be her life. Sheree found out during this time about God’s timing, she discovered that she was 6 weeks pregnant with the child that she and her husband previously tried desperately to conceive. she felt alone and suffered depression throughout the pregnancy! Glory to the Creator she gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl.

A year later, she suffered a child’s worse fear, her mom passed away from cancer and on her death bed, she begged sheree to pick up the pieces and gain control of her life. Sheree fought through the treacherous to honor her last request! she turned her pain into power!! Sheree started writing, she also started mentoring other women who were suffering silently. Sheree held her first women empowerment meeting in 2019, published her first book April of 2020 titled Hey Girl, Slayy! Slaying the Enemy; Physically, Spiritually & Emotionally!!

Sheree refuses to allow what I had through to be in vain!! Her Goal & mission is to help others to go through it but come out slaying!

PWH: What sparked your interest in writing?

SM: About 8 years ago, I was very active in church; I was apart of a few Ministries, we would meet, and each one of us would have to speak on different topics. I began writing to prepare for my topic of discussion, and I started asking God to download it into me. I would wake up at 3 a.m. writing, and things would download into my spirit as I would be driving. I’d written so much that within 6 months, I had a notebook and 2 folders filled with writings. 

PWH: At what moment did you realize “Hey this could be a Book”? 

SM: Despite all that I’ve endured, I have always encouraged others. I was pouring into others as I was hurting. I refused to have my pain be in vain.

PWH: What inspired the title, ” Hey Girl Slay”? 

SM: We know how to Slayy our Makeup, wardrobe, our outer appearance, but what the inner soul? I want to encourage Women who battled with depression and suffered silently to Slayy the Enemy, Spiritually, Emotionally, and Physically. 

PWH: What was your writing process like?

SM: Oh my gosh! I’ve learned so much throughout this process. It was exciting and scary at the same time. 

PWH: What challenges did you face while writing your book?

SM: The spirit of Doubt and fear. Will it be worth reading? What if it’s a flop! My God reminded me that if he places A vision within me to do it.  The Lord is Light and Salvation, whom Shall I fear? 

PWH: What message do you hope readers gain from your work?

SM: It’s ok, not to be ok. The battle you are facing today will someday be the platform that You will stand on. Don’t give up, and Slayy the heck out of the Enemy!! 

PWH: Do you have any upcoming projects you would like to share?

SM: I am currently working on revising the first book,” Hey Girl Slayy.”  I’ve recently started a nonprofit organization for women to connect and network within the community.

PWH: Bonus: What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustle’s? SM: A woman who isn’t afraid to show her love and light from within. Although she’s Beautiful on the outside, she isn’t scared to get it out the mud, she might fold, but she won bend. She can stay up all night crying and stressed how it would get done, but the world would never know it. She adjusts her crown and stays in alignment. 

Connect wit Sheree online and purchase Her Book at

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