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The House of Devereaux was created with the mission of assisting people in cultivating their personal style and increasing their self-confidence. As the lead stylist of Style by Devereaux, it is my hope that clients feel secure in their inward appearance. My goal is to assist clients with empowering their inner self so that their confidence may shine through their outer appearance because I believe every person deserves to show up in the world as the best version of themselves. Personally and professionally, I believe the best investment you can make is in yourself and that first starts with standing apart by looking the part.

I created Custom Design by Devereaux with an emphasis on blazers and suiting, because it’s something about a blazer that says “I’m A boss” and it’s something about a well-tailored blazer or suit that says “I’m THE Boss”. When it comes to custom design, Devereaux is all about creating what I like to call “the new classic”, meaning taking a clean and crisp silhouette and turning it on its head.

Whether it be with the fabric, trim choice or bold color, I work with only quality fabrications from French crepes, velvets and brocades to playful notions like fringe and metallics to create pieces worthy of being called “custom-made”. Every piece is intentionally lined with Italian silk made of leopard print. Not because it’s trendy- but because it’s true to the Devereaux brand. It’s fierce, fun and a neutral, as I am a believer that leopard is a color and a Devereaux guarantee is that once you feel our signature silk lining against your skin- you’ll know it’s a win.

I also design with intention as each style is inspired by those who I call “Alpha” and “Beta” women. Alpha women are strong, independent, self-aware, and driven, however their dichotomous lifestyle as a Beta is also represented throughout their daily lives and creates a sense of duality that I think all women possess. With nods to popular culture contributors like the 1980s classic show Dynasty- the muses of my collection is not only powerful in their careers on the silver screen but also throughout popular culture. These women include but arenot limited to Diahann Carroll, Joan Collins, Josephine Baker and Jacqueline Kennedy, but are also women who I know personally like my sisters, mother, and even my late grandmother as well as friends and they serve as “my why”, because of their passion for life and style by their own rules. Devereaux designsfor women who wish to “not only be seen but remembered” and believers that #itsallinthedetails.

Born and raised in Austin, Texas and now residing in Abu Dhabi, UAE- I have taken my background in both Fashion Merchandising and Business, in which I hold both a Bachelors and Masters and funneled my experience, talents and skills into creating my own global fashion house where fashion meets functionality and versatility through style and design. To sum up who I am in a sentence would be to say “I am a lover of Maxwell (the singer), marshmallows because they make me happy (talk about a sugar rush) and making beautiful things”

PWH: Describe the House of Devereaux in four words. 

DD: All in the Details

PWH: What inspired your brand name? 

DD: I am legally named after Diahann Carroll’s character, Dominique “Deveraux” from the hit 1980’s television show- Dynasty. I renamed it to “Devereaux” to pay homage, not only to her work, but also the work of iconic and inspirational women that I respect professionally, admire personally and as a nod to French culture, fashion and style, which I am also deeply inspired by. It is called “The House of” because it encompasses more than custom design by offering a variety of styling services such as personal shopping/styling, capsule wardrobe creation, closet re-organization, virtual styling, and collaboration on special projects. 

PWH: Describe the style of pieces sold at House of Devereaux?

DD: The House of Devereaux specializes in what I call the “new classic“. We take your basic blazer and suiting silhouettes and turn them on their heads by adding tailoring for a customized fit, pops of rich and saturated color, and texture through luxurious trims and notions. Each piece is then lined with our signature leopard print made of 100% genuine Italian silk. 

PWH: As a fashion brand, how do you see your role in society?

DD: I don’t just make pretty clothes- I am in the business of building my clients confidence, both inside and out- through styling and custom design. When it comes to what the industry calls “power dressing”, I am taking it to a whole other level.  By creating for women who want to step outside of their comfort zone and who wish to show up in the world as they wish to be seen, the House of Devereaux is providing that extra push that allows you to reach your full potential through personal style. The House philosophy is”people will stare- make it worth their while“- Harry Winston.

PWH: What aspects of the fashion industry would you like to change?

DD: I am a firm believer of the idea that “representation matters” and that are so many dynamic minority women with a voice who just need a chance to be seen and heard. They are often innovators whose ideas are duplicated and made palatable by manufacturers and even mass media without giving them credit for their creativity and ingenuity. This needs to change because it is not only stealing but silencing the voices of these creatives who often feel defeated once their ideas are taken and watered down. I do believe that there are now industry power players willing to lend their platforms to provide opportunities for these women and the next generation of young female creatives and so that makes me hopeful for potential change.

PWH: When women visit your site what can they expect?

DD: They can expect quality, style, luxury, attention to detail, and professionalism as well as a glimpse into my creative process and a bit of my background/adventures through my blog.

PWH: What is your target demographic?

DD: I target the bold professional and have said in previous interviews that we are re-defining the term “professional. This means she is not only your working woman who has a 9 to 5 but also your entrepreneur on the grind in pursuit of her dreams or your stay at home Mom juggling daily tasks but who also values self-care. She appreciates quality as well as transitional pieces, takes pride in her appearance, and invests in herself and how she wants to be perceived.

PWH:  What was your biggest fear when going out and starting your own line?

DD: My biggest fear was navigating international business waters as I am originally from Austin, Texas but I currently reside in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Owning and operating a business in another country has presented its own set of challenges from registration to licensing to sourcing and shipping logistics just to name a few. However, I believe that I have taken it all in stride and established a level of patience throughout the process.

PWH: How do you want women to feel when wearing your clothes?

DD: I want women to feel strong, powerful and like they own any and every room they walk in and because it is custom- I also want them to feel like an individual, meaning every other woman will not be wearing the same thing you are when you enter that room.

PWH: Bonus: What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustle’s?

DD: A pretty woman who hustles is one who gets it done despite not in spite of her circumstances.

Connect with House of Devereaux

IG- @houseofdevereaux   FB- Devereaux LLC.

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