Young Author Ja’Nay Ratcliff

Ja’Nay Leeann Ratcliff is a 7-year-old Award-Winning Author, she has published 2 books and working on her 3rd book, and she reads at a 4th-grade level. 

PWH: What inspired your start in writing?

JR: I took a class with My little Stories Publishing where Ms.Erin taught us about how to start a rough draft and everything.  Since then I have been writing.

PWH: Describe your writing space?

JR: I use a mix of notebooks/journals and sometimes type on my computer to jot down my thoughts- I eventually create a rough draft to finalize all my ideas that I want to use for a specific topic or book 

PWH: How many books have you written?

JR: 2 working on book #3

PWH: Where do you draw inspiration from for your books?

JR: I draw my inspiration from my life and things I like to do.  I love sharing my stories.

PWH: Do you have any upcoming books or projects you would like to share?

JR: Yes I have my new T-shirts coming out soon, I am working on my next book, and I want to teach young authors like myself how to write a book and be inspiring.

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