CEO Michelle Mccommons & Rose Pink Body Shape Wear Brand

Michelle Mccommons is from Decatur, GA. RosePinkBody Shape Wear was started back in September 2019 and has flourished.

The mission at Rose Pink is to be a source of inspiration and empowerment for women and men of every size, no matter who they are or what they are to do. Rose Pink wants to be able to help many others all of the world to show and express themselves in her brand. That’s why her brand is held to higher than average standards for products and business practices.

“Some companies seem to think that you have to be a certain shape or size to enjoy great styles, Rose Pink disagrees. Beauty comes in many forms, and apart of feeling beautiful is feeling great about yourself. Rose Pink works hard to provide shapewear that fits great, feels great, and looks great on everybody.

PWH: What inspired your start with Rose Pink?

MM: Rose Pink is the new, solution-focused approach to shape-enhancing for women and men. Every body type is different. Rose Pink caters to all Body Types with our No Roll, No Flip, No Back Pain Waist Trainers. We focused on giving customers an extra sexy and supportive Boost of Confidence.

PWH: What is your mission for Rose Pink?

MM: As Rose Pink CEO, many aspiring entrepreneurs or business owners can contest you have obstacles and challenges when growing and running a business which are: 

Productivity & Cash Flow

Funding & Overheads

Process & Motivation

Time & Fatigue

Marketing  Retention & Changing Technology 

PWH: What is your bestseller, and what problem does it solve for women?

MM: There are many different types of waist trainers out there. Some of them have a more traditional corset style, but multiple ones from Rose Pink was designed specifically with working out in mind. These training belts and sauna vests were created from a thick neoprene material that’s designed to help you sweat more in the tummy area, which can eventually help slim the area down.

PWH: What piece from your store do you recommend for new moms who just gave birth? MM: After our bodies go through this thing called childbirth, a little extra support and compression board can go a long way. The neat mom-approves postpartum waist trainers and belly bands help us feel like everything is being held together in the days that follow giving birth. Even better? Plenty of moms find continuing to wear a waist trainer or belly band in the fourth trimester can help shape out that waist. Anybody that births a human being is a beautiful body, but it’s nice to know we can keep waist trainers on hand if we want to speed up that whole bounce back after birth.

PWH: What can shoppers expect when visiting your online store from start to finish?

MM: Join Rose Pink and together we will be a great success and support for each other.

PWH: What is your definition of A Pretty Woman Who Hustle’s? 

MM: A independent woman who makes her own money and feeds her self and family, these women are known as true winners and have swag, basically a female baller.

Connect with Rose Pink online:

Ig: rosepinkshapewear 

Facebook: Rose Pink 


Jakia Cheatham - Myles

CEO/Founder of Pretty Women Hustle Magazine

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