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A Wife A Sister Creative Content Writer / Author Child of God Genesis Kemp is a professional who now knows what her purpose in life is. It is not to sit down, muzzle her mouth, and continually let people get over on her.  “I know my worth and its time to speak up, activate my faith and walk into my destiny that God has on my life.” – Genesis Genesis encourages you to take a leap of faith and get out of your comfort zone. 

Words from Genesis: – If you are wondering what you should do next well take a step back and write down all the things you are good at.  – Out of those things which bring you joy, fulfillment, and you can ultimately see yourself making a change not just in your life but in your community and beyond.  – Then formulate a plan on how you can do those things and still bring in revenue because times are changing and one thing is for sure these jobs can come and go, but your empire and the legacy you build will ALWAYS be in existence as long as you have the right foundation and continue to cultivate it. – You too can be all the things you ever imagined so stop limiting yourself by the things people say you cannot do or the limitations that have been placed on you.

PWH: At what moment did you realize you needed to share your story? 

GK: I realized I needed to share my story about 2 years ago when I faced microaggressions on my job that I let slide for too long.

PWH: What inspired your title “Chocolate Drop in Corporate America?”

GK: Well since I am chocolate I wanted to put that in the title and I wanted to give other Chocolate drops in Corporate America something to hold on too.

PWH: What is the main takeaway readers should gain from your book? 

GK: Don’t let other people place limitations on you. Step outside of your comfort zones and push past FEAR. Share your testimony because there is power in the story and it can break chains and free others from mental and emotional bondage.

I want people to realize that they were created for a specific purpose and it’s time to ignite their passion and walk into their destiny assignment. Since people are counting on them.

“Never let the fear of striking out keep you from the playing the game.” – Babe Ruth (A foundational quote to hold on too)

PWH: Do you have any upcoming projects? 

GK: Some future podcasts, building my other brand on YouTube and asking God for wisdom for my next writing project.

Bonus: What advice do you have for an aspiring writer?

GK: Don’t stop creating. Write with your heart and don’t let negative thoughts or surrounding talk you out of your gifts and talents. Write a page a day or a chapter a week whichever is doable with your current schedule.

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  1. I can’t possibly love this interview enough times. I especially love the Babe Ruth reference particularly considering that we’re i. The midst of baseball season and the playoffs.

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