Tiandra Robinson “The Fashionable Marketing Maven”

Tiandra Robinson of Louisville, Kentucky, has always had a passion for marketing & public relations. A graduate of Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Kentucky, Robinson

received a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Advertising. When she couldn’t find a job working in the field, she ventured on her own. Robinson’s knowledge, passion, and skills for public

relations landed her freelance work in the entertainment industry working with various music artists and comedians, locally and around the country. She earned an additional

degree in 2008 receiving her Master of Arts (MA) degree in Marketing Communications from Webster University. Tiandra began building a client base to include models, singers,

actors, and fashion designers. After her client list began to grow, Tiandra wanted to re-brand herself to build a more diverse clientele. In 2014 she changed T. Marie Management, to T. Marie Consulting, this way she could encompass marketing, branding, and public relations for all types of clients. Tiandra has volunteered with several non-profit groups and events serving as the public relations specialist, including The American Red Cross’s 1st Annual ‘Wrapped In Red Gala’, The Louisville Leopards Annual Fundraising Concert, The PATH

Foundation and Louisville’s Derby City Fashion Week. She currently focuses on small and black-owned businesses along with being part of the UrbanMaxx Media and Urban

Voices radio show. Remaining passionate about being the one-stop marketing shop, she is truly building herself as “THE MARKETING MAVEN”!

PWH: Describe Tiandra in 5 words. 

TR: In 5 words, hmm, I’d say, passionate, driven, focused, adaptable and dependable.

PWH: What is a day like in the Life of “The Fashionable Marketing Maven?”

TR: A day in the life of The Fashionable Marketing Maven, is a busy one, well during COVID, I’ve been working from home in my full-time job (I do the Marketing Maven as the side hustle), so I’m up checking work emails, tending to my children ages 6 and 11, then I spend some time on social media promoting T. Marie and all the dealings with that, reading (I’m always learning about the latest marketing concepts to stay fresh) and then I finally settle down in the evening to spend some time with my husband.

PWH: At what point did you realize you possessed a gift for marketing and PR?

TR: I realized I had a gift for marketing and PR while working on my Masters’s degree and received high grades on all my marketing campaigns and projects we had to complete for coursework. It was like the stuff I came up with or created came naturally.

PWH: What is the most rewarding part of the Marketing Industry? 

TR: The most rewarding part of the marketing industry is that it’s ever-changing, so no two days are alike, you can break rules and there is no ceiling on creativity.

PWH:  In regards to marketing your brand, what is one thing you want upcoming entrepreneurs to know? 

TR: One thing I can tell upcoming entrepreneurs in regards to their brand is to be consistent and have a cohesive message, everything should a uniformed look. You have to be invested in your brand or people will pick up on it if you are not.

PWH: What’s next for T Marie Marketing? 

TR: There is so much I want to accomplish for T. Marie Consulting, but the one unchanged goal is to do it full time! For now, though, it’s continuing to create ways to help small and black-owned businesses create marketing strategies that are imperative to their success! (That’s part of my mission statement btw, lol!)

PWH: Bonus: What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustle’s?

TR: My definition of a pretty woman that hustles is a woman who goes hard in the paint, that stays the course, focused, and crushing every goal in her path while looking damn good doing it! In the words of Beyonce, FLAWLESS!

To connect with Tiandra and T Marie Marketing Company Visit

Instagram: @TMarieConsulting 

Visit us at www.tmarieconsulting.com

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CEO/Founder of Pretty Women Hustle Magazine

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