CEO Zinnia Adams and The 30 Day Money Challenge

Zinnia Adams is a Public Speaker, Certified Financial Education Instructor, and Author of The 30 Day Money Challenge. As someone who became a  single mother while still a senior in High school and who grew up on the West Side of Chicago life presented some financial challenges. She had horrible credit and mismanaged her finances. She overspent, and was irresponsible with money and did not make her finances a priority. After self-correcting her finances to own her first home at the age of 27, financing her own Bachelors degree, and eliminating $30,000 off debt, and now footing the bill for her daughter’s college education. Zinnia has channeled that energy to help others. She facilitates workshops across the globe for organizations and event managers. Now she is on a mission to help single mothers and mompreneurs. She inspires them to make better financial decisions. Zinnia wants to help them introduce personal finance concepts to their children and teach them the importance of money matters.  Let’s Make Personal Finance a Family Heirloom! PWH: Describe your brand in four words.

ZA: Empowered Freedom Knowledge Wealth

PWH: Can you tell me more about your 30 day Money Challenge? 

ZA: The 30 Day Money Challenge is a challenge that takes 30 days to focus on your finances. This challenge starts off with decoding your paycheck all the way through calculating your income in retirement. The final step is informing your circle you will be working on your money goals, it’s like a public service announcement your moves will be calculated differently from this point on. It’s a turning point for your financial future. 

PWH: What inspired its creation?

ZA: I would get a lot of questions about where to start. There are so many facets to personal finance that many times it can get overwhelming. There are many youtube videos and articles out that share information but sometimes you just want to have one place to come to for the information that you need. My courses are compiled from my years of research and experiences. 

PWH: What can women learn in your financial literacy workshops?

ZA: They learn how to shift how they think about money. They learn how to play chess not checkers when it comes to money. Creating a business is a valuable move but make sure you are not just creating another job. It’s important to create some passive income streams in your business. Make sure you are building a system that will be able to run without you and not be dependent on you.

PWH: Why is having financial freedom important as a Boss?

ZA: It’s important because we start business because the corporate didn’t work for us. We start business because we want to control our narratives. We want to create opportunities for our children and let the struggle stop with us. I am a first-generation college graduate and will be the first millionaire in my family. I’m claiming that right here before you today.  It’s not just about replacing the money, it’s about gaining your freedom and empowering your money moves.   Financial freedom doesn’t have one definition. You define what financial freedom is to you. I teach women that all these cookie-cutter solutions are not ideal. Based on your solutions on the goals and situations that are specific to you.  Financial freedom for me is traveling the world without having to check in with anyone. I am building my business to both be location independent and to be able to run without me.  

PWH: What money management tips do you have for women in business?

ZA: I’ll give you 6 1. Separate your business and personal finances

2. Create an emergency fund for your business

3.If you don’t have one through your employer start a retirement savings plan

4.Spend money on income-generating activities

5. Start working on business credit early

6.Set specific revenue and profit goals

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