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Francis Perdue, Sr. Publicist of PS Media Talent has been a full-time publicist since 2009. Ms. Perdue currently holds the position of The Director of Communications for My Beverages, a new water company, based in West Hollywood, California. In 2016 and 2018, her firm was nominated for a Black Business Hall of Fame Award by The Hart Foundation and City National Bank in the categories of Philanthropy and Innovation, Technology, and Entertainment. Her feature in She Boom was a catalyst that leads to the discovery of her talents and philanthropy work. This has deemed her a hot commodity in the Product Placement side of events and television & film. With 100 plus products placed for high-end events, The Doctor’s TV Show, and her annual FUSE Pre-ESPY Event Ms. Perdue added a product division to her company.

As a new venture Francis has become a producer with her long term management client Charnele Brown’s company, Tri-Wen Productions starting with the film, The Coffee Pot. As a seasoned publicist and talent manager Francis is sought after for sponsorship, public relations for businesses and individuals. After 8-plus years in education, Perdue decided to take teaching beyond a confined classroom and started PS Media Talent in 2009. Always known as “The Hub” for information and research, people approached Perdue daily within and outside of education for solution strategies and connections. When thinking of making her life more fulfilling she pondered how she could help people attain their goals without boundaries and went into Public Relations. Ms. Perdue has been asked to speak at prestigious universities such as UC Riverside and panels such as The Diverse Representation at Lionsgate centered around issues of diversity, business, and the entertainment industry, from the perspective of a publicist and industry executive.

PWH: What inspired you to start writing?

FP: Regan Farley came out with Can’t Knock The Hustle Journal and she inspired me to write. My friends encouraged me to write as well. I really want to assist people’s journey to peace by showing how to overcome obstacles. Helping people is my passion so this journal gives a vulnerable side to me for a genuine connection with the reader.

PWH: What motivated your title “Life is in session”?

FP: Life Is In Session was inspired by my God Sister, Felicia Fuller. Every time we would talk about life and issues going on she’d say, “Life Is In Session.” Then we’d come up with something for a solution or I would vent. It’s the theme of life that everything is a learning lesson. Is a session in a part of your life that has a beginning and an end that you can gain from.

PWH: What message do you hope readers gain from this book?

FP: I want readers to gain a knowledge of self, attain tools to get through challenges, and most of all become successful at whatever their heart desires.

PWH: How did your long work history as a publicist play a part in preparing for your book release?

FP: As a publicist, I know what it takes to create awareness for a person,  product, or service. My preparation was easier since I knew what tools I needed to be able to publicize the journal. Getting headshots, photos,  picture versions of the chapters, social media flyers etc. were a small part of the preparation. 

PWH: What can readers expect from you next?

FP: I will publish a memoir about my life. My father wrote a memoir prior to me being born that I want to place my book next to his on the mantlepiece. I want to tell my story about my life and how I became a serial entrepreneur. 

I’m open to speaking engagements. Empowering people to live their best lives through my speaking engagements is next on my agenda.

My company, Perdue Inc., has created acquisitions in beauty and commodities. Selling PPE and Xenon Fever machines for businesses and non-profits in our current venture.

Connect with Francis online at by following the Life is session Facebook Page

Signed copies available for purchase

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