October 17, 2021


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Author T.L. Blythers

T.L. Blythers is a best-selling author, dynamic educator, consultant, entrepreneur, master trainer/facilitator & transformational speaker. Her business, Eduvizon LLC provides empowerment education and hosting/emcee services designed to enhance, provide clarity, transform &  achieve desired premium results. T.L. Blythers stands firmly on the life principle, “You are a product of your expectations, not the limitations.”

PWH: Describe you and your brand in a few words? 

TB: My consulting business, EduVizon, LLC provides empowerment education and hosting/emcee services designed to enhance, provide clarity, transform &  achieve desired premium results. 

I educate, equip, and inspire individuals to have a balanced life through transformational strategies. 

PWH: What started your interest in writing?

TB: A love for empowering and encouraging people prompted my interest in writing. 

I also view writing as a therapeutic art form. 

PWH: Please share a little about your latest book? 

TB:  V.O.W. 9 Points of Impact

The purpose of V.O.W. is to provide realignment in a practical manner by refocusing and equipping with nine points of impact that operate in every aspect of our lives. This life-enhancing tool is designed to create and catapult “maintainable equilibrium” to the forefront while reintegrating “practice” back into practice. 

PWH: Tell us about your work in the foster care system? 

TB: I serve as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) providing a voice for foster kids in the courtroom. Also, I make sure that the emotional, physical, and psychological needs of the are being met. I make sure that the child is provided an opportunity to thrive in a safe and loving home.

PWH: What is your message for kids, and what can they learn from your series Mika Dika Foster kid?

TB: As a child advocate and author, my children’s book series, Mika Dika Foster Kid, serves as a lighthouse of hope, providing a stronger resilient voice for children globally. Mika Dika Foster Kid is a beautifully illustrated story about a young girl who is thrown into the foster care system and endures many challenges while waiting for a permanent home. Mika Dika is smart, energetic, creative, and beautiful. Who wouldn’t want a child like that? Mika’s words will fill your mind and her teddy bear will fill your heart…with love. After reading this book, kids can learn about resilience, love, friendship, safety, family values, bullying, and so much more. 

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