Wearing a Face Mask While Wearing Makeup

Wearing a face mask in public is our new normal. When the Covid pandemic began only a few types of non-medical protective face masks were available for purchase. Now, you can buy cloth and silk face masks with cool patterns to match your outfit. Regardless of which face mask you decide to wear, the air inside the mask can be hot and uncomfortable. The hot air can do a number on the makeup you are wearing under your new fashion accessory. Here are some ways to help you nurture your love of beauty while protecting yourself from contracting the Covid virus.

Start by switching from a heavy, matte foundation to a light weight formula or tinted moisturizer. You can also just use concealer cover up problem areas. The reason you want to switch foundation products is because heavier make up will melt and cause acne break outs. If you opt to putting color on your entire face start with a primer before adding your foundation or tinted moisturizer. A primer will grip to your face and also your full face color. The make-up will be comfortable under the mask and less transferable onto your mask.

Next play up your eyes. If you normally don’t wear a lot of eye make up to work you may want to consider upping the color and lash length for now. Your eyes will be fully visible while wearing your protective face mask. Compensate for the parts of your face that are hidden by using a bright color eye shadow, bold eye liner and lash lengthening mascara.

Your lips are hidden under your protective face mask. You may be thinking about skipping lip color all together. The thing is wearing lip color makes you feel pretty. When you take off your protective face mask you want your look to be balanced and show off your pretty pout. To avoid having your lip color transfer to your protective face mask switch from your current lip color formulation to a lip stain. The lip stain will dry down onto your lips, making it long lasting. Your lip color will survive being covered by your protective face mask but also drinking your morning coffee and you continue to look polished during your business lunch. When you remove your protective face mask add some moister to your lips to make the lip stain more comfortable. Choice a lip balm or moister packed lip gloss to top your lip color.

Lastly, use a setting spray or loose powder on your forehead, cheeks, chin and nose. This product will keep your face makeup from sliding off your face and onto your protective face mask.

Don’t give up on wearing make-up during the Covid pandemic! A couple of extra steps will help you look professional and put together at work, and make you feel confident because you feel pretty under your protective face mask.

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