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Haelee P. Moone is the author of The Rules of a Big Boss: A book of self-love. She is a 7th Grader and Honor Student. She resides in North Carolina with her dad, Dedrick and their dog, Oreo. Her hobbies include singing, dancing, writing, drawing, and designing various products.

The Rules of a Big Boss is a personal journey of how she overcame depression, anxieties, and betrayal. She found the Lioness within her and rose up (found her self esteem) instead of sinking

Haelee and Dedrick worked in concert to develop a clothing and accessory line. The products are centered around her book. The products allow women, men, and children to increase their self-esteem through the visualization of wearing her Big Boss Rules.

Please check out her collection, grab a few products, and join her in finding the Lioness/Lion within you.

PWH: What sparked her interest in writing?

HM: My fourth-grade teacher told my [former] classmates and me that one of her former students went onto becoming an author. She shared with how she went onto doing big things like travel the world through it. I told myself that I would love to do that one day and I shared it with my Dad when he picked me up that. I didn’t know what I wanted to write about though, but I always kept it in the back of my mind.

I had a lot of free time over the summer with everything being shut down due to COVID-19. I used that free time to journal. I started writing about past and present feelings and experiences (e.g. low self-esteem). I began to think that I could turn my journal into a book. I shared my thoughts with my friends Rachel and Myanna. They encouraged me to go for it. To get started, I searched for templates in Microsoft Word that I could use as a model for it. I showed my manuscript to my Dad once I was halfway done with it. He said that I was too good not to share with the world and he asked me if I wanted to publish it. I said yes. He responded that we could do it together and that he would invest in my dream. He did so by editing and publishing it for me free of charge. He taught me about distribution rights, copyrights, citing sources, royalties, and marketing. We worked together to choose a cover design, size, sales price, and distributor. Finally, my dad helped me set up social media accounts and record a promo video for the book.

PWH: What was the inspiration behind the title “The Rules of a Big Boss”?

HM: Based off of Amber Rose’s book, How to Be a Bad Bish. She has all of these rules in it that she feels are essential.

The second thing that inspired the title was that I was on this girl’s Instagram Live feed. She called herself a “big boss.” I thought to myself that would be a good name for a book, my book.

PWH: What message are you wanting readers to gain from your work?

HM: I want people to love themselves and embrace the things that make them different. Those things that make us different are what makes all of us beautiful. I want readers to appreciate that and grow within themselves.

They will receive better results when they manifest their self-love.

PWH: You have a clothing line along with the book, what can readers expect when going online to shop?

HM: I sell clothing and accessories. I do it through two levels. My Dad helped me create a promo video for that too.

• Level one is the basic product level. These products have my trademarked logo adorned on the front. It is also inserted on either the inside collar or back of the products for branding. It encourages the wearers to remember the rules that they read about in the book.

• Level two products go deeper in that the basic rules are adorned on the front using customized fonts and clip art. It allows the wearer a visual representation of their favorite rule (e.g. Self-love, Respect, etc). My thoughts are that it will help them most improve in that area. My logo is also inserted on either the inside collar or the back of the products for branding purposes.

Do be mindful that I do not include all of the rules in my clothing line. I did this on purpose to encourage people to read the book. It’s like my personal drip. The combination of my clothing, accessories, and book are keys to finding a better version of yourself.

PWH: What’s next for you?

HM: My current book is the first in a series. Version two will dive deeper into affirmations and the psychological aspect of things. I’m planning to release it sometime next summer but don’t quote me on that. I will continue to sell clothing and accessories that are centered around self-esteem building both now and into the future while also promoting version one of my book. I hope to open boutiques around the world as I grow and hopefully become a successful luxury brand.

To learn more about Halee and her brand visit

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  1. I’m so proud of you Haelee. Continue to reach for your dreams and don’t ever let anyone tell you what you can’t do.

    Love Dad

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