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Indigenouz Royalty as a brand came about from a deeply rooted desire to create a source of influence that reflects the true history, roots, and culture of Blacks from the Ancient Kemet to present day time. So much of what we as a people don’t know and see about our history has been silenced, mocked, looked over, and falsely duplicated for others to gain from. This brand seeks to restore unity, pride, humility, strength, and dignity for every Black Man, Woman, boy, and girl! We must TRULY know where we’ve come from to know where we can go!

Born and raised in several areas of Chicago (South, North, & West), Edward Humes III has seen first hand how family, education, music, art, culture, politics, and money can influence your mindset and upbringing. As a grown black man that uses his conscious and subconscious mind to positively influence his family and peers professionally and personally, his true ultimate goal is to provide a life and upbringing for his two sons that are rooted in truth, values, and ideas reflective of our true history!! His wife Danielle Humes, born and raised on the West Side of Chicago- shares in his sentiments and values about the power, strength, and influence of black history & culture.

Indigenouz Royalty is a family & lifestyle brand designed to spark the subconscious mind in a way that influences everyday morals, ideals, and beliefs. We must UNLearn to RELearn! Our history is drenched in lost information that must be brought to light, taught to our children, and shared in a way that positively molds the future- one message at a time! Open your eyes, Open your Mind! We are the Original people; We are a people of Royalty!

PWH: Describe Indigenouz Royalty as a whole in four words.

DH: Indigenouz Royalty as a whole is a lifestyle brand for the people that is culturally nostalgic; conscious yet trendy

PWH:What inspired your business name?

DH: My husband came up with the name based upon the definition of the words. Indigenous means the first, the original. Black people are the first to inhabit the land, the earth, we kicked this s**t off lol literally; he flipped it a bit by adding a Z 🙂 Royalty is self-explanatory- we must think highly of ourselves in our actions, our habits, our mindset, and the way in which we lead our families and influence the culture. It’s such a lack of confidence and love in our people when poverty, lack of resources, and struggling to survive runs rampant in some of our communities and we’d like to impact that in a visual way by reminding each other of how much of an impact and influence we have as a culture, as a people!

PWH: What is the design concept process like for you and your team?

DH: Designs come from the brains of my hubby and me; we both have really tapped into our creative side with this brand; nothing is off-limits. We strive to find ways to keep our brand fresh and stand out from the rest of the well-known Chicago brands. We like to pull influential elements of our culture out and bring them to the forefront- movies, music, art, sports, political figures, historical events, etc. with an artistic flair that you can see from how the pictures look on our tees. Highlighting them in a way that is educational, fashionable and shows pride in where we come from, what we represent, and where we are headed in the future- this is key to our brand style. Highlighting the not-so-well-known historical figures and events is key as well; we want our two sons to know more about our history way back further than MLK, Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, etc. Our history isn’t defined by and didn’t begin with slavery!

PWH: Describe your brand’s style?

DH: Women should rock our brand because of what it represents and what we stand for! Every time I rock our clothes, I feel like the ancestors are smiling down on me with pride and that I’m setting a positive example as a Mom for my sons- we have a family business that exemplifies our heritage, our culture, our history to the fullest extent. Women hold so much strength, power, and influence in our homes, our careers, our businesses, and circles of influence so rocking Indigenouz Royalty is what a true Queen does effortlessly!

PWH: What advice do you have for women who want to start a T-Shirt Business?

DH: My best advice for any woman wanting to start a T-shirt business- Sis, start the business and make it perfect later! It is a journey and a learning process that makes it fun and rewarding. I knew NOTHING about making clothing when we started; I’m a nurse- I take care of people lol! It has been such a fun journey and perfecting this craft, learning new skills has allowed me to shock myself like wow sis, you are the bomb! Let your new business journey do the same for you; shock yourself; you are more skilled and capable than you think you are!!

PWH: Do you have any upcoming releases or projects?

DH: We’re currently working on adding more items to our collection beyond hats, hoodies/sweatshirts, and tees- we’ll have sweatsuit sets, hoodie dresses, jackets, accessories (pins, patches, mugs, bags), and maybe even some activewear so stay tuned! I also have a financial services business so I’m working on a statement tee collection for that– highlighting generational wealth, legacy building, mindset/affirmations, and catchy phrases!!

PWH: What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles?

DH: A Pretty Woman who Hustles is a woman who is clear on her goals and understands her WHY- it drives her with passion, resilience, persistence, and determination! We work on days we don’t feel like it, we are up late and up early finding ways to stay ahead of the competition while striving to beat our prior best! Becoming the next best version of ourselves is the competition we see in the mirror; doing and giving our best but knowing that the next level will always require us to reinvent ourselves; definitely down for that challenge!

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