CEO Leah J and The #10DollarIGAudit

Coming into her own and figuring out her purpose was no easy task. You live, you learn, you reflect, you grow and you sometimes slip-up – but life has a way of coming full circle and greets you with your destiny, hence the birth of Leah J. Leah J is a Woman of Influence using her various platforms to inspire and evoke change

Leah holds many titles, the daughter, the mother, the businesswoman, and the boss. Each one equally important, carrying multiple responsibilities that she manages on a day to day basis and she wouldn’t have it any other way. With literally a dollar and a dream she urned her passion into reality – creating Leah J Branding LLC which segue into FRESHDailyInc a DC-based blog in 2014, Black Girls Do event-based social group, Luxy Bombs natural bath, and body line and Living Leah lifestyle brand. 

Each entity has gone through phases of re-branding and just like in life, in business a little change is necessary. Though some of these entities are no longer they have helped her find her niche in content management and creation. There was no big team,  just a woman,  her phone doing a lot of cutting, pasting, cropping, and editing for each of her brands. 

As we hit the fast forward button to now during these times of COVID-19 Leah was able to find her pivot take what she learned on her own and with research to create #10DollarIGAudit an audit service for Instagram Profiles. In just over 30 days she has helped over 30 businesses and counting find their profile’s voice using her suggested recommendations. 

The Mission is to help you define your Brand’s voice through the use of content creation and management by creating a cohesive Theme that speaks on behalf of your Brand or Business.

The Why behind #10DollarIGAudit now #10DollarThemeRevamp

“I launched this venture after recognizing the need for such services in the wake of COVID19 and as companies are being tasked with reconnecting with customers in a virtual atmosphere.”

PWH: Tell us something about you that supporters wouldn’t be able to research?

LJ: I didn’t lose all of my baby teeth until 10. The majority of them had to be pulled.

PWH: You hold multiple titles, how do you balance it all while being a BOSS?

LJ: I don’t balance it all by myself, I have a support system that helps where I fall short. There’s a community within my household. I’ve also learned that it’s okay to admit that balance doesn’t exist. You have to be okay with not being able to give everything or everyone 100% of you.

PWH: What exactly is the 10 dollar Ig Audit?

LJ: An Aesthetics assessment of a brand’s IG Instagram profile. The purpose is to create a cohesive theme representative of one’s objectives and goals. It’s one thing to have content, it’s another thing to understand placement.

PWH: What is the biggest struggle you see brands face on Instagram?

LJ: Lack of consistency and not understanding the importance of distinguishing their brand voice.

PWH: What other services do you have?

LJ: We now offer a content management service where we will create and manage content for brandS monthly. Customized IG Story Templates and Posts. Soon to come to a creative direction service.

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