October 27, 2021


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Author L.M. Reynolds

L. M. Reynolds is a mom of two tiny artists, a budding gardener, and a puzzle extraordinaire. She is a proud black woman, dedicated to making stories that not only matter but make you laugh, draws you in like a sister, an auntie, or a friend, and most importantly, just a good tale. Though she typically writes in Speculative Fiction with titles such as I Am Sasha Grey: Divulge, Funny Meeting You Again is her first romance novella.

PWH: What sparked your interest in writing?

L.M: I always say there is a voice inside of writers that becomes so loud that it’s hard to ignore. I quit ignoring that voice. Now it feels like second nature to have stories play throughout my head daily. Specifically, a show called The Gates. It ended horribly so I decided to write the story better. lol

PWH: What inspired your title “I am Sasha Grey”?

L.M: It’s a statement. I wanted to make sure that throughout this series, she never forgot who she was. That labels that others put upon you, don’t matter if you know who you are.

PWH: How would you describe your writing style?

L.M.: First-person and real, down to earth, and usually talking to you. If the character laughs, I think it’s okay for them to say, “Yeah okay. I lol’d at that. I won’t lie to you.”

PWH: What advice do you have for new upcoming authors?

L.M. Find your niche in your writing that works for you. I think I do well at characters, so you’ll find lots of dialogue in my writing. If you like creating scenery, focus on that. If you like building the world, focus on that. I think anything else can be plugged in later. And chill but keep learning, however that means for you. Even veterans get it wrong sometimes.

Connect with L.M. Online at https://lmreynolds2.wordpress.com/ or https://linktr.ee/wordscansingtoo

Instagram: @wordscansingtoo

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