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Tanisha Quilter-Williams brings a unique world view shaped by a colorful background. From growing up as a “military brat,” to pay her way through college as a dancer, to working in the trenches at some of Hollywood’s top companies, her eclectic experience has created a unique perspective and fostered her producing projects, as well as her multifaceted characters that come to life in her screenwriting.  She also enjoys writing dramedies about the female experience and the quest for self-discovery.

Working at ICM, WMA, Inside Edition, E! Entertainment and US Weekly introduced her to experiences that landed her on the red carpet interviewing celebrities, such as, Oprah Winfrey, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Denzel Washington, and Kelsey Grammar. During her time at US Weekly, she played a major part in bringing one of the biggest cover stories to US Weekly Magazine, when she negotiated the Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin engagement cover story.

In 2013, Tanisha left the journalism world behind to pursue her passion for screenwriting. She eventually went back to school to obtain her MFA in Creative Writing and hasn’t looked back.

Today, she has written and produced a fiction podcast drama called “Forties AF,” about three forty-something women and their complicated lives coming in July 2020. Has obtained the rights to the first African American female horse jockey and producing a documentary. She has also signed on to co-write a book with P.I. Tank Jones from Alaska as he relives his Hollywood nights managing Levi Johnston.

PWH: Describe your brand in 5 words

TW: Sisterhood Boldness Greatness Evolve Achievement

PWH: Tell us something about you that we can’t find online?

TW: This was the hardest question, especially since I have worked in the social media arena.  Everyone thinks I can cook, but, I’m lost without a recipe.

PWH: What inspired your work in journalism and screenwriting?

TW: Growing up I wrote poetry and songs as a hobby. In my early twenties, I got the entertainment bug from watching Entertainment Tonight television show. That show inspired my journalism background, however, I fell in love with writing while attending the Colleges of the  Art Institute of Dallas. During an entertainment conference that I attended, Spike Lee gave a speech on the lack of diversity behind the scenes. It peaked my interest and I began to research about screenwriting. I purchased a few books and just began writing. One of my first projects was about the writer, director Gary Marshall. I used a screenplay format to write my proposal.  I still have that.  

PWH: Your new podcast “Forties AF” What inspired the name?

TW: The name  “Forties AF,” was inspired by my own age, which I rarely said out loud ever. The AF just emphasizes the WTF!  As a woman and being 40+, society makes it seem that it’s too late to be great. I believe it’s never too late to be your best self, to evolve, and step into your greatness. 

PWH: What can your audience expect when listening in?

TW: Our audience can expect to relate to characters and the challenges they are going through or have overcome.  Our audience will laugh out loud from the craziness that always ensues when they have to learn the lesson again.  Our audience will be encouraged that it’s never too late to be great. 

PWH: What is a typical episode like?

TW: Forties AF an audio drama. Each episode gives you a glimpse into the friendship of the three main characters and the ups and downs of their everyday lives. It’s written like a television series, but, it’s short and has more narratives due to the podcast style. 

PWH: What’s next for you?

TW: This is my first venture into podcasting and I really enjoyed the process. I have a faith-based film called “God Is My SugarDaddy,” that I’m thinking about turning into a movie podcast. That should be interesting and a learning curve.  I am also working on a documentary about the first black female horse jockey.

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