A Gift for Everyone in Your Life

The year is coming to an end, and as the Christmas season approaches we have crafted a list of gifts for everyone close to you this holiday season. Let’s Shop THE PRETTY WAY this Holiday Season!

Gifts for Writers:

Whether you are a Coffee Drinker, Afro Diva, Wine Lover, Authorpreneur, or Nature Enthusiast, The Writer’s Haven is offering journals for every vibe. These 5×7 hardcover, custom illustrated, spiral-bound journals are truly the safest place for all your words. With 100 custom-designed writing sheets, they are perfect creating for to-do lists, writing affirmations and morning pages, creating manuscript outlines, and cataloging poetry. There are tons of these journals in stock, ready for you to pen your thoughts.

On sale for $15.99 and FREE SHIPPING! No code necessary.

A Gift for Business Owners and Authors:

In this four week LIVE Virtual business Bootcamp you will learn the following: How to Develop the Mindset of a Business Owner? Who Is Your Audience? Brand Vs. Branding: The Importance of a Brand What will set your business apart?

Bonus: Positioning Statement (30-Second Elevator Pitch)

Price: $99.00

The Gift of Purpose:

What is your biggest fear?  We all have fears that keep us from reaching our highest potential.  What happened in your life that made you feel that you were not worthy to reach yours?  Let us guide you into turning those fears into inspirations to push you to your purpose.  In life we have many negatives stacked against us which is what makes us stronger and guides us to success. That Success begins when we “Dare to be different”. As we are being different, we are stepping out of the cookie cutter path and taking chances to create our own. Of course, this means we may stand alone at times as we develop and grow into successful people who “Live to Inspire” others to believe and invest in themselves to do the same. With the investment, vulnerability is shown, and you get to “Be exactly who you are”.  In the next 90 days you will break down what dare to be different, live to inspire and be who you are means to you.  During this time, you will explore some growth in yourself that you did not know existed.  It will be extremely exciting, challenging, new, overwhelming at times and overcoming.  Some days will be tougher than others.  Your confidence and self-worth will be tested, and it is especially important that you accept and recite W.I.S.D.O.M.  Welcome Innovative Soulful & Distinguished One Hundred Percent Meritorious daily!

 Let’s book your consultation session to envision your goals, set a plan, believe in that plan and prepare to execute your purpose.

Original price for a 3 Month Program is $1500.00/Sales price for a 3 Month Program is $1050.00

(30% OFF discount) mention code HOLIDAY

A Gift for The Men in Your Life:

MKMen®:Skin Care Regimen BundleSmoothed. Soothed. Protected. Clean Face Solutions for Every Man

Set includes:

  • MKMen® Daily Facial Wash
  • MKMen® Shave Foam
  • MKMen® Advanced Eye Cream
  • MKMen® Advanced Facial Hydrator Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30*

*Over-the-counter drug product.  

**Mens Fragrance available separately

Available for $81.00

The Gift of Mary Kay:

The Gift of Science:

Urbannature4kids Earth Science Lesson Plan contains plenty of Earth Science worksheets, quizzes, puzzles, games, and videos for children in grades K-4. The activities will expose elementary school-aged children to environmental STEM career fields at an early age. There are also GIS (geographic information systems) activities for children by ESRI. The lesson plan will definitely be beneficial for children with low science test scores. The lesson plan is also beneficial to parents or elementary school teachers who are homeschooling. 

Activities can be taken any place, anytime, and anywhere! An internet connection is required on a desktop computer, tablet, laptop, or smartphone.
Available on Amazon and Amazon Kindle Unlimited 

Price: $4.99

A Gift for Wine Lovers:

One Hope Wine supports numerous charitable organizations around the world, including fighting hunger, homelessness, vaccines for third world countries as well as minority owned businesses.  With each bottle purchased, 10% goes towards a list of charities that is listed on the One Hope Website.  Also, you can actually purchase wine on the site that have specific causes listed.  This month there is a cause to combat family hunger.  Please make sure that you select a cause when purchasing the wine on the site. 

$115.00 + Tax & Shipping

Fashion Finds:

Considered to be a leading E-Comm Beauty Supply Store, Esoteric Beauty has made a breakthrough in the industry since its founding in 2020. Established on the foundations of dedication and commitment, Esoteric Beauty provides exceptional beauty products, services, and expertise to a wide range of clients.

Original Price: $99.00

Sale Price: $75.00

The Gift for Jewelry Lovers:

Connect with Sarah Poursh Designs on Instagram

The Gift for Planner Lovers:

Building a better Life Planner is designed for the entrepreneur. Not only does it have a monthly calendar, weekly planning space and lots of space for notes, but it also has motivational quotes to keep you encouraged. 
This is designed for your desk or favorite writing area because it has plenty of pages for you to be able to write your vision and the plans to achieve them.
Perfect gift for the business owner, student and even those with side hustles. Other themed styles available on www.authorpreciousswain.com.
Size: 8×10 Pages:250

Holiday Price: $15.00

Price: $20.99

No code required.

The Gift for Coffee Lovers:

Morning Toast Coffee is for the wild at heart! Our coffee is hand roasted all natural green coffee beans infused with the finest whiskey. It’s slowly infused then air dried to give you some of the smoothest, boldest flavored coffee. We have our regular flavors but we also offer specialty flavors and also flavors by request. Coffee is sold in the half pound and pound sizes and whole bean and ground.

Our prices vary from $8 to $18

10% discount when you use code PWH

Body Care Finds:

Keep your skin glowing and moisturized with this all natural handmade body butter. Made with shea butter, cacao butter & coconut oil. Enhanced with peppermint and eucalyptus then whipped to perfection. 
Original Prices: Travel – $8 Small – $15 Large 
Holiday Sale Price: Travel: B2G2 (code: BLACKFRIDAY)
Luxuries Box: Get 5 Large Butters or 9 Small Butters for $100 (these orders must be placed via email at luxuriesbylexi.com)

The Gift of Self-Care:

Purchase yours via email Latrina4001@hotmail.com

The Gift of Credit Repair:

The Gift of Skin Care:

An ultra-luxurious line packed with powerhouse, clinical grade ingredients—minus harsh chemicals like parabens and phthalates— and its patented technology delivers exactly what your skin needs, precisely when it needs it. 

Your luxurious self-care spa experience includes 
Acqua Lumiere Cleanser
Acqua Lumiere Serum
Acqua Lumiere Moisturizer
Acqua Lumiere Eye Cream
3 Pack Bamboo Washcloths
Baobab Body Moisturizer 8 oz
Baobab Body Wash 8 oz
Hyaluronic Acid Collagen Mask (one mask Included)
Spa Headband
Original Price $384
Sale Price $259( Save over $125)
Includes FREE Shipping & $199 Brush Set w/any $250 order

Your New Favorite Cup To Go:

Be_You_tyful You Boutique we provide beauty, uniqueness, confidence, and originality with you in mind. We are currently offering custom tumblers normally priced at $45, but the holidays will be $35 for 20oz stainless steel tumblers with straw. Each tumbler is handmade and may take up to 10 business days and comes with care instructions in order to stretch the longevity of your product. 
Contact by email  to order  dynastyminded@gmail.com

The Gift of Books:

Author Trevis Michelle

Saving Lives While Fighting for Mine – Courageous Women share “Stories to Empower Women to Win”  
What if I told you that your present problem will bring you healing and happiness later?  Would you stay and fight?  Or, would you give up because your pain feels unbearable?
In, “Saving Lives While Fighting for Mine:  Stories to Empower Women to Win,” the authors discuss their past problems that presented as a pain appearing beyond repair.  Although the authors could not see victory over their current situations; they kept going.
The authors discuss their personal battles with self-identify, unfair discrimination, financial disparity, and sexual trauma.  The authors did not focus on their present problems and give up; they focused on solutions.  Their personal transformational stories are to empower women to win in every way. 
Original price: $24.99 
Sale price:       $19.99 (free shipping) & Bonus checklist with video

The Gift of Books:

Author Fida Abbott

The Gift of Books:

Author Kris Lashay

Notorious– After a successful business venture, a celebratory trip leads Malakai to the feisty but beautiful Skye, an encounter that leaves him both intrigued and annoyed with the sharp-tongued vixen. He vows to steer clear of her, but Trenell and Kareema’s connection makes the task harder than Malakai anticipated.
When fate intervenes, the four realize that they’re more connected than they thought. Lives are changed forever, and only time will tell who will be left standing when the smoke clears.

Legacy– Picking up where part one left off, Skye has found herself in a whirlwind of emotions. A devastating loss has left her in a dark place she can’t pull herself out of. Malakai is doing everything in his power to help her through this rough and troubling time, meanwhile, his own problems take precedence when he realizes that there’s someone gunning for him and everything he has worked for.

After an unexpected turn of events, Malakai and Tre are left reeling when they find out the real truth behind the empire they inherited. This discovery leads to secrets being exposed, lives and lines being crossed, and most of all, destruction.

Summer Daze– Kalea, a 30-year-old pediatrician, has sworn off love and everything that comes with it. She becomes content with living her life in isolation outside of being with her loved ones. Coming straight out of quarantine, her sister Kamaria invites her to go to a listening party for one of the hottest rappers out. Reluctantly, Kalea agrees, but not without letting Mari know how she feels about it.

Meet the famous Amare Tucker, at 28 years old he has quickly become a household name after having a near-death experience while living the street life. A summer whirlwind romance sparks, leading to events that rock Kalea’s world to its core. 

Closest Thing to Perfect– Kalea let her guard down for a hot minute and her life spiraled out of her control. Her life has been turned upside down and she does what comes to her naturally. She shut down and shut Amare out. Little did she know that what was done in the dark was about to come to the light. After the Vegas fiasco, Amare went on with life as only he knew how. Imagine his surprise when he runs into Kalea and the secret she’s been carrying in the mall. Secrets are exposed and the drama is right behind them.

Seasons of Love– What started out as a summer fling for Amin turned into him wanting more than Kamaria is trying to offer. After Kamaria does the one thing that she is asked not to do, Amin is done with her. Setting blazes along her path at the sting of rejection, Kamaria is led in the direction of self-discovery. Find out if this summer fling ends in a season of lust, destruction, or love.

The Gift of Books:

Author Takara M. James

The book bag is a compilation of books written by Author Takara M. James.

The book list includes:

Saving Takara Nonfiction memoir

Shit Black Folk’s Don’t Talk About Nonfiction self-help

Desire Boxset (2 part series) short fiction series

Chamber Heist short fiction (bonus book)

Each of these books has been nominated as top 100 bestsellers in their respective genres. These books have helped propel the career of author Takara M. James and have contributed to her success throughout her writing career. Subscribers to the book bundle will receive a discount code for her upcoming audiobook series “LIT” releasing December 12, 2020.

Each book retails at $10.00 each

The book bag is $35 saving $15 

The Gift of Books:

Author Tiffani Teachey

What Can I Be? STEM Careers from A to Z is an inspiring and easy-to-read alphabet picture book that teaches our next generation about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) careers.  

This book provides colorful illustrations of six diverse children representing various STEM careers (i.e. astronauts, doctors, scientists, and engineers, etc), helping children (5 to 8 years old) see themselves in one of the STEM careers, and motivates them to shape their future through STEM!

In Saving Lives While Fighting for Mine: Stories to Empower Women to Win, we want you to win in your finances, win in your minds, and win in every aspect of your lie. You are about to read 11 amazing stories on Equality Empowerment, Self-Worth Empowerment, Financial Empowerment, and Sexual Trauma Survivors Empowerment. Check out Saving Lives While Fighting for Mine: Stories to Empower Women to Win in the Against All Odds chapter where bestselling author Tiffani Teachey shares how she went from being a curious young girl to becoming a role model in STEM.   

What Can I Be? STEM Careers from A to Z
Paperback $12
Hardcover $16
Saving Lives While Fighting for Mine: Stories to Empower Women to Win (signed autographed copy) $20

The Gift of Books:

Author Shakema Bern

Valentine’s Kiss: What happens when two souls are tied to one another, fused by their friendship and destined for a love that neither are ready to explore? Things crumble when feelings change and promises are broken as life pulls them further and further apart. Will Valentine Day and Jalen Kiss survive their combustion of Valentine’s Kiss?
The Goddess of My Heart: Secrets and heartbreak tore Nas and Venus apart. A chance reunion and an even bigger secret brings them back together. Has their love story truly ended or is it just the beginning?
Heatwaves: After her AC breaks Stacia needs Drew to fix it. After a shameful run in between them, will he leave her stuck in the scorching heatwave? Or will she act right so they can create their own?
Heatstrokes: Simone has sworn off men, but a shared kiss with a handsome stranger makes her want to risk it all. Zion is intrigued by the beauty who ghosted him after their kiss. When they meet again can he convince her to take a chance on him?
Autumyn’s Kiss: What happens when two people used to running from love are pulled to run to each other instead? Will they allow unaddressed issues from their past to threaten their future? Or will they both let go of their fears and fall into the magic of Autumyn’s Kiss?

Issa Paperback Sale! #BookieMailSale

Valentine’s Kiss: $12

The Goddess of My Heart: $14

Heatwaves: $9

Heatstrokes: $12

Autumyn’s Kiss: $14

Flat Rate Shipping: $5

For a limited time this holiday season bundle up and save!

Get any 2 for $25, 3 for $35, 4 for $45 and all 5 for $55

Pricing includes shipping.

Books For Kids:

Author Dominique N. Kight 

Written by Dominique N. Kight   27 Pages

Someone is getting a big surprise today!
Nicole’s mom gives the exciting news that her family is about to change.
Change can be good right?!
Well, not when you have no idea what the word your mom is using to describe your new family means.  
Join Nicole as she tries to use her imagination to figure out what blended means for her family.

Original Price and Holiday Sales Price
Original Price- $15.99    Sale Price- $11.99

Books for Kids:

Author Jessica Kemp:

Jakia Cheatham - Myles

CEO/Founder of Pretty Women Hustle Magazine

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