Te’Ara Arman – A Legacy In Her Own Right

Te’Ara Arman is an Author, International Speaker, Entrepreneur, Purpose Coach and Podcast Host who is passionate about helping, supporting, mentoring, and guiding others to reach their potential.  She is committed to proactively create innovative methods of empowerment so that we may continue to approach our lives with self-confidence.  Te’Ara’s motto is “Dare to be different. Live to Inspire.  Be who you are.”  She believes that when you step out of the cookie cutter path and create your own, you inspire others to believe and invest in themselves, to show the world exactly who they are. 

Te’Ara’s knack for empowering others can be traced back to her experiences as a member and former employee of the Boy’s & Girl’s Clubs of Greater St. Louis where she spent significant time learning to guide herself and others.  Over the years those experiences gave her the blueprint to be a success in organization and strategic planning, creating, developing, and implementing empowerment strategies, youth, and parenting workshops.

Te’Ara, a BWN/MOIL Legacy Award Ward recipient and a Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater St. Louis Hall of Honor inductee, founded, Daring Inspired Youth where she provides character development, mentorship, college, and career readiness programs for youth ages six to eighteen.  She also owns and operates Te’Ara Speaks where she provides mentoring, purpose coaching, empowerment workshops, speak eazy with author Te’Ara Arman, and the Te’Ara Speaks Podcast, a foundation of growth that empowers women and men, to discuss the challenges and struggles they have gone through to get to their purpose.

LR: What inspired you to write Lipstick Stories Volume 1?

TA: There are three reasons that inspired me to be a part of Lipstick Stories Volume 1.  The first inspiration, was that the president of Stroud Publishing, Shericka Stroud herself reached out to me and asked me to be apart of this project.  Although she did not know me personally, she had been following my social media presence, believed in me and the work I was doing and just knew I would be an asset to the Lipstick Stories project.  The second inspiration was my mentor and big sister Tina Adams Turnipseed guiding me to accepting the opportunity that had been placed in front of me and making sure I  didn’t run away from it and miss out on part of my purpose.  The third inspiration was realizing and recognizing the opportunity and platform that was being offered for me to help others.  You see I pushed and pushed and pushed my purpose away because I didn’t feel like I was worthy of it for a long time. No matter how many people believed in me and my abilities I didn’t believe in myself.  This book gave me the opportunity to be transparent and share some of my experiences with the world on how to accept, own and live in your purpose. 

LR: If you could take us on a journey through Lipstick Stories Volume 1, where would it take us?

TA: In the Co-Authored Book Lipstick Stories Volume 1, Te’Ara Arman explains how dare to be different, live to inspire and be who you are allows you to face your fears and guides you to success.  Journey through the minds of 9 Queens as they share the good, bad and ugly of being women in business.  You will learn how to accept challenges, reevaluate your life and accept your purpose.  Lipstick Stories is more than just a book.  It’s about giving a voice to women and a shoulder for others to learn from the trials, tribulations and the triumphs of those who are doing the same thing. Sister girl, you are not alone.     

LR: As an author/writer, what would you choose as your mascot/avatar/spirit animal?

TA: My spirit animal is a Raven.  Just like the Raven I am very nurturing and love to give my time and heart to those around me.

LR: You are an Author, Empowerment Speaker, Purpose Coach, Mentor and Podcaster among many other things. You are the definition of a BOSS!  How do you juggle the many responsibilities that come with each of your endeavors as an entrepreneur?

TA: To be honest, prayer, a very supportive Husband and son,  Mentors/Accountability partners, planners and the understanding that balancing everything is not always set in stone and it is forever changing.  I try to plan the week out by dedicating specific days and times to a different part of the business so that my family time remains family time and I don’t get overwhelmed. My key to it all is FLEXIBILTY!

LR: You received the Legacy Award for Daring Inspired Youth.  Explain to us first off what Daring Inspired Youth is all about and secondly what receiving the Legacy Award mean to you?

TA: I received a Legacy Award for Most Growth in Entrepreneurship and it means the world to me that I would not only be considered as a Legacy at the then age of 37, but be awarded alongside so many phenomenal women.  It’s crazy because there was a time not long ago when I didn’t think I was worthy enough to even be in the room with Legacy Award Recipients.  Although not only was I in the room, I was crown Legacy.  This honor both humbled and empowered me to continue to own and live in my purpose of helping and guiding others to their purpose. 

LR: Finally, what can our readers expect from you in 2021?

TA: In 2021 I am officially launching my 3 month Purpose Coaching program titled, Dare! Live! Be! to Purpose, My second book My Imperfections Are My Strength will be coming out, season 2 of the Te’Ara Speaks Podcast will air and I become a Momager as my 4 year old son launches his new Business K2 Enterprises and his custom clothing line Big Boy Status.

LR: What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustle’s?

TA: My definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustle’s is a Women who “Dares to be Different”, steps out on faith and creates their own path, “Live to Inspire”, leave a legacy and help guide others through the processes so that they know they are not alone and “Be Who You Are”, be the unapologetic authentic you no matter what.

You can connect with Te’Ara Online at www.tearaarman.com

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