The Greatest Gift of All

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Stubborn as a mule! Ever heard of that saying? As a Capricorn, I think I resonate with that phrase very much so. When it comes to work, I despise asking for help. I always think that I can do everything alone and I will “figure it out.” It seems as though when I do ask, people never meet my standards anyway, so why bother? Very bad habit but as a recovering perfectionist, I am working on it. I am open and more willing to seek aid, and be patient with others. 

Sometimes, we may feel like that throughout our everyday lives. We feel lost and helpless, and life’s hardships can get us feeling down. We forget we have a Father in Heaven who is eagerly waiting with open arms wanting us to just simply ask for help, but we feel like we don’t need him. We may believe that He won’t meet our expectations, and He doesn’t hear or respond when we pray so why bother? We feel like we have made it this far, so we can “figure it out” and keep going. 

I have good news. There’s an easier way! Why not lighten the load? Leave your burdens and transgressions and live more freely? You don’t need to be bogged down by life’s troubles.

Our Father in Heaven is so patient and kind, and he loves us so much he refuses to let us go. He has given us the greatest gift of all. He refuses to let us drift from him, so he calls us home. He tries to get our attention any way how, and when we don’t listen, He lets us be. God is a man of free will, He allows us to make our own decisions, and He also allows us to find our way back to him. He will be there waiting. 

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A parent’s love for their children is never ending, despite their flaws. And as children, especially those hurt and broken, can only go so long without their parents before yearning for that love and guidance, for that protection and comfort from life’s pain. 

Matthew 11: 28-30: 28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. 29 Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30 For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

Lighten your load by simply seeking and asking God for guidance. He hears us, he sees us, and he simply wants us to acknowledge him and his work in return.  There is no place too far from God where He cant find you. He is close to the broken hearted. He wants us to call Him and ask for assistance, but when we ask,  we also have to be patient with him. We have to be open and willing to receive what He has in store, because it may not happen overnight. 

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Nothing good worth having comes easy, but when we put in the work and get our hands dirty, God will handle the rest. He has to ensure that he can trust us with his riches, because his words are yes and Amen. He will ensure that we have everything we need, but the lessons need to be taught first. We have to learn so we don’t repeat the same mistakes, so we can be ready for the next level.  He has to position us in a certain way and humble us to certain measures so we can be ready to receive all the blessings he has to offer as we progress in life. 

For God is good and only does good and if you stay faithful to him, even when you can’t see, even when life doesn’t make sense, wake up every day and devote your day to him. Acknowledge that he is working. The journey is slow and steady and every day won’t be a good day, but stay at his feet, even with tears in your eyes and anger filled in your heart. God wants us to be honest with him. He understands our mistrials. Vent to him, ask him for help, and He WILL provide. 

This 2020 year has been full of tragedy to say the least. But all in all, God is with us. He sees the chaos that we are going through, but this is nothing that He cannot handle.  This was all a part of the plan. God is working and shifting so many of us, and doing well at it. Like a giant Sims game, God is directing and ordaining all of these parts simultaneously and making sure all the pieces of the puzzle fit together.

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The best gift of all is the undying unwavering and faithful love God grants us. Even when we fall short, his love doesn’t change. Even when we feel like we don’t deserve it, he gives it to us anyway. He can never not love us for our misfortunes. Be willing to move, bend,and shake for the kingdom of God, because there is nothing greater or sweeter or better than the love he so graciously gives us every day. The greatest gift of all. 

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