October 17, 2021


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At every turn, it seems we are bombarded with relationships; from break-ups, makeups, new engagements, and displays from someone else’s bae. But what should those that are navigating being newly involved do to get to #RelationshipGoals status? Here are 5 tips to remember as you voyage into dating:

1.Take your time.

Really court and date each other. Everything doesn’t have to revolve around romance or sexual matters. Establishing a friendship has been noted as one of the keys to having a successful long term relationship. Try something new and intimate that will really show you your partners true colors.

2.Enjoy your time together but your privacy even more.

Do I mean be a secret to the world? No, not at all. Enjoy your privacy by not being pressured to post your entire relationship or even worse develop Imposter Syndrome when it comes to how your relationship is developing. So much of people’s lives aren’t posted to social media, so those perfectly shot pictures are just a 5-second glimpse into that particular relationship. Who knows what really is going on behind doors?

The world can know you are off the market and happy without constant updates on social media. Make those memories with your mate and hold them close; it’s perfectly fine to share them after the fact. There is a certain level of peace in privacy, that can’t be compared to the world knowing the ins and outs of your lives.

3.Dive deep.

Look at similarities and differences on the things that really matter now and will heavily impact your lives down the line. Even though it may not be a conversation that flows as easily, certain topics need to be discussed. Finances, past trauma, role expectations, short and long-term goal alignment, and don’t forget the discussion if children will be added in the picture and when. Clarity on these hot topics are needed conversations, especially if longevity is the goal.

4.Go with the flow.

Let things naturally develop, what will happen will naturally occur. That warm feeling we get can sometimes wraps us up in “what if’s” and “one day’s”, so we miss what really is happening in front of us.

5.Give yourself grace.

Everyone you date isn’t going to be “the one”, so if it doesn’t work out take some time to step back and examine the lesson. Heal if your feelings were deeply invested and move along. Sounds easier said than done but it is a great big world out there and Kevin that works in accountant may not have been the one, but Steve the small business consultant may be.

Photo by Samuel Rodriguez on Unsplash

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