Jacqueline Burnett-Petite -Finance Extraordinaire

Jaqueline is the sole owner of JP Advising, which operates two ways via financial planning and math tutoring. She specializes in budgeting, debt management and general financial planning services for personal and business customers. JP Advising has the privilege of offering math tutoring for students grades 3 to college level math.

Personal budgeting and debt management along with math tutoring has been the most sought offer services offered by JP Advising. Jacqueline is extremely proud of how successful the business has been by gaining new clients consistently and being utilized for events.

She believes that her unique mix of services creates the perfect niche that sets her apart from other businesses. Jacqueline fell in love with math at an early age. During her professional career she spent years teaching math and tutoring kids.

While studying Finance in college, she fell in love with the idea of being able to do something she loves, which is teaching Math and assisting others with Math in real-life situations. These passions are what drove her to structure the business in a special way. Being able to help children in an early age understand and develop a love for math is something that will stick with them throughout their lives. She strongly believes that her business will provide the bridge that this industry has been missing for a long time.

You have a unique perspective in the way your business is structured. It’s actually brilliant! What was your inspiration behind combining both Finance and Math tutoring services? 

The inspiration behind my business and purpose is solely based from my past experiences as a professional working in Finance, Accounting, and as a Math teacher and also my personal experiences. Through these experiences, I was able to witness first hand the importance of education and also education of money management to my generation and those to come after. I have always been a Math and numbers person for as long as I can remember. Unfortunately, a lot of people are not as savvy with numbers or Math, if they even like it. However, I noticed that with most people who struggle with Math also struggle with money management and personal finance. This motivated me to bridge the gap between the two and build my business based around that idea. I figured if I could teach kids and teenagers not only Math concepts but also about Personal Finance and Money Management it could help shape the future of these younger generations who do not receive this type of education in school. This mindset also pushed me to look more into the adults as well who may have not received this type of education or even been taught at home. I believe that no matter how old we get or how long we have been out of school, we are always learning. 

You have a degree in Finance so the obvious choice in my mind would be to go into a field with your degree; however were there any other professions you considered before starting your business? 

Yes, I did consider other professions, especially coming out of college, I bounced around between Accounting, Finance, and Teaching. However, sad to say those dreams were shut down pretty quickly, within a few years of graduating college. I had always dreamed of being a top financial executive for this major corporation and that I had worked my way up to the position that I ultimately deserved, but reality hit hard. Being a college graduate, I was told a lot of times that I didn’t qualify for certain positions because I didn’t have enough experience (I know I am not the first to say that). I always wondered how am I supposed to gain experience when no one, I mean, no one will give me a chance? So I landed a lot of different opportunities but nothing major, nothing that lived up to my expectations. I didn’t see myself growing within the company and I always felt that there was a ceiling above my head. I eventually grew tired of the routine and mediocre pay and then on top of it all not being able to make my own rules and be my own boss. I had reached my breaking point in January 2018 and I walked away from my last job. I knew that the only way that I would reach my dreams was to start my own business and be my own boss. So that is exactly what I did. 

I love that you offer money management to the youth which is a huge thing and oftentimes even as adults we don’t know how to manage money. What challenges have you encountered with that population? 

I have ran into some challenges of just pushing the importance of money management to youth. Some just do not understand how important it is just because they are so young and haven’t really had to deal with money or finances. Some have parents who don’t really stress the importance either. So just trying to bridge that gap and break down some of these generational curses, pushes me to continue to keep educating our youth about these important factors of life. In the end, most parents and youth do understand how important financial literacy is and they want to learn if they do not know. I pride myself in being a good educator and being able to connect with my students, whether young or old(er).  Besides that I have always loved a challenge! 

What new things are on the horizon for JP Advising?  I am rolling out more group Math sessions and group Financial Literacy classes. I am offering most of those group classes virtually through Zoom but I am hoping to get some in person group sessions as well later in the year. I have also created my own practice Math Workbooks for 1st grade Math through Algebra 2 and I have created my own Budgeting Planner System. I am super excited for what this year has to bring. I have truly been blessed to stay in business and not really be too negatively impacted by COVID. I do have to say that COVID has definitely allowed me to open my business to other avenues of how I operate. I am very optimistic about this year and I expect to reach more youth and adults. 

How can our readers connect with your services?

 I travel for work throughout the year because I have clients all over so I can be contacted through email at jpadvisingllc@icloud.com or through my website at www.jpadvisingllc.com (contact us page). For my young people who are all about social media, I can also be reached on Instagram @jpadvising and on Facebook @jpadvisingllc  . 

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