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Our hair is our style, our history (or herstory), our personality and even our culture. Jasmine found it to be a way of bonding and socializing with other women.

Jasmine has personally worn hair extensions for over 27 years and whenever she tried to find a hair extension company that delivered both excellent customer service and quality products, the industry was lacking. The entire process was difficult and made her fearful of buying hair extensions from a new company because of her past experiences. She found that most companies were just after money rather than providing the service they advertised.

This forced Jasmine to take it upon herself and take the negative experiences and turn them positive. This is how Herstory Hair was created. A hair company and platform that serves as a supportive environment for women to aid each other with their growth by connecting and encouraging one another through sharing personal stories.

Jasmine managed to eliminate the frustration and devastation of trying multiple hair companies only to be disappointed in the end by the lack of customer service and quality products. With Herstory Hair the work is already done for you. Jasmine has handpicked the highest quality of raw Cambodian, Raw Indian and Virgin hair extension manufacturers.

She is so proud of the effort and commitment that went into making this dream a reality, but more importantly the connections made along the way. The women she has met have been outstanding individuals who have provided immeasurable support and inspiration. Now, being able to return the joy that they gave me, is a gift that will never stop giving.

Jasmine, Herstory Hair launched on January 15th and knowing your background with all the disappointments with other hair companies, what was the defining moment when you knew you had to get into the game and change it?

The defining moment was ordering hair from a well-known hair company and receiving the hair and it was trash. I was not even able to get a response from the hair company’s customer service until weeks after many phone calls and emails. When I finally got a response, the person on the line did not sound like me and I’m quite sure they didn’t look like me. I was fed up with people not caring about the person on the other end. I said to myself, these people do not care about the black woman, the just want our money! That’s when I said I’m going to start my own hair company and I’m going to nurture the black woman. I’m going to make sure she receives the best products and customer service. We do not have to put up with this kind of treatment.

You entered into an industry that is saturated with hair extension businesses. Then Herstory Hair stepped onto the scene. What makes your brand different from the rest in the industry?

Herstory Hair is a company whose goal is to nurture and create a beautiful self awareness from the inside out. We believe that beauty starts from within. Its not just a hair company, it is a platform that will do just that.

As someone who does not wear hair extensions, other than braids, what advice would you give me as a first timer or virgin to the extension lifestyle, for lack of a better word?

I would applaud you for wanting to wear a style that would be protective for your natural tresses. The key is to be kind to your natural hair and scalp while wearing the extensions. Your natural hair should not be overmanipulated or neglected. Its very important to get them installed properly and not wear them too tight or to have them in for an extended amount of time without proper care. There are maintenance requirements that need to be followed when wearing hair extensions.

What is it about hair extensions that boost confidence in women?

There is a reciprocal relationship between emotions and appearance. It is scientifically proven that “bad hair” days increase levels of self-doubt and personal criticism. A high-quality weave could surely extend a positive attitude about oneself. I believe in putting a confident woman in the hair extensions. The hair is just an added bonus to the confident woman. This is what sets Herstory Hair apart from other hair companies. We want to create beauty from the inside that will radiate on the outside.

Jasmine, you also have a Facebook group called “Queens Talk by Herstory Hair”. Tell us what this group is about and how it enhances your brand.

Queens Talk by Herstory Hair is not just a Facebook group. Right now, its also a virtual event where women can share their stories with one another for uplifting encouragement, empowerment, and inspiration. There is healing power that comes from sharing one’s ideas and experiences. Again, Herstory Hair is all about nurturing each other as women.

Finally, what is one thing you want our readers to know about HerStory?

I want readers to know that there is power in sharing. There is always someone whose been through an exact or similar situation and has made it through resiliently. I’ve been there. And it was connecting with women who shared their stories with me that got me through. We are all Queens and we deserve the best. I’m going to provide the best!

What is your definition of A Pretty Woman Who Hustle’s?

A pretty woman who hustles is one that is very self-aware. Her purpose is to lift up , help and not tear down all while making a few coins.

Connect with Jasmine and the HerStory Extensions brand online on their website

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