Kay Elle is doing big things in the Bronx, New York as a baker of sweet treats and desserts that will make your sweet tooth scream for more! Not only is she a baker, but Kay Elle wants to push culture forward in her community as a whole.

“The first dessert I learned to make were cupcakes. The first dessert I mastered visually were chocolate-covered strawberries!”

Patrice: What makes a Pretty Woman who hustles?

Kay Elle: I believe pretty is not only what you look like on the outside, but what you do from the inside. Hustle is being passionate about something that you love and doing something that contributes to that passion daily. When you put them both together, it is using the resources you have outside and combining that with who you are inside. I feel that is what makes a Pretty Woman who hustles.

Patrice: Tell us more about your amazing baking company MADE BY KAY Kitchen! What was your inspiration behind it?

Kay Elle: MADE BY KAY was a result of a passion for sweets, pretty desserts, and freedom. After being wrongfully fired from a previous job, I used that experience as motivation to start my own brand.

Patrice: What type of sweets do you normally bake?

Kay Elle: I bake cupcakes, cakes, cookies, and brownies! We can bake just about every sweet treat you can think of, but those are my specialties!

Patrice: What was the first thing you learned to bake?

Kay Elle: The first dessert I learned to make was cupcakes! The first dessert I mastered visually was chocolate-covered strawberries!

Patrice: Have you been on any cooking shows?

Kay Elle: I was featured on Foodie Down Bronx which is a local Food Network showcasing chefs and bakers in the Bronx! It’s hosted by EM, @TheHungryDominican from Instagram, and airs on BronxNet. I absolutely loved it!

Patrice: Who or what has been your biggest motivation?

Kay Elle: My biggest motivation is the lifestyle I feel we all deserve. I am adamant about my happiness and using my time wisely to create a life of abundance. I use my future children as motivation. They deserve a great life.

Patrice: Tell us about LIT BLACK FOODIE!

Kay Elle: LIT BLACK FOODIE is an amazing showcasing competition and pop-up shop event created to highlight Black chefs and bakers around the world! My hope is to create a safe space that merges Black food culture and Black music culture. We will provide a business grant to one lucky chef or baker at the end of each event. My goal is to one-day grant one small business owner $10,000! Our very first event is April 25th, 2021!

Patrice: Any special requests for weddings/special occasions?

Kay Elle: We recently rebranded our business to become a food blog full time and currently don’t take special requests. We love showcasing baked goods such as wedding cakes and special occasion cakes online! Our goal is to show others how to make these special cakes from the comfort of their own home! We may even attend pop-up shops in the future to showcase/sell those specific types of cakes as well!

Patrice: If you could meet any other Baker, famous or not, whom would it be and why?

Kay Elle: I would love to meet Tabitha Brown. Her energy is infectious and her talent is amazing! She is her authentic self and I love that about people!

Patrice: What does being an entrepreneur mean to you?

 Kay Elle: Entrepreneurship represents freedom. Entrepreneurship allows me to be my creative self and work at my own pace. I’m allowed to be exactly who I am as an entrepreneur. I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

Patrice: How do you balance your work-life, personal life, and business life all at the same time?

Kay Elle: I think it’s important to create boundaries for yourself, especially as an entrepreneur in 2021. It is very easy to lack discipline when working for yourself. You must seek guidance outside of yourself to get yourself back on track sometimes. Discipline is most important and understanding when to rest is important as well. Scheduling and organization are key!

Patrice: What is next for MADE BY KAY Kitchen? Any new projects you will be working on?

Kay Elle: Next for us is embracing our LIT BLACK FOODIE journey! Our goal is to travel all around the world with our showcasing event. I’m currently working on adding a new layer to MADE BY KAY as well. I want to introduce the business side of the foodie world to my audience and supporters! We’re starting with an E-book series and an affordable online course program! Lastly, we will be expanding our MADE BY KAY merchandise line. It’s our clothing brand for all the dope foodies! We are incorporating new designs, which will include t-shirts, sweaters, aprons & more!

Connect with Kay of MADE BY KAY Kitchen!

Facebook: MADE BY KAY Kitchen

Instagram: @MadeByKayKitchen

Tik Tok: MADE BY KAY Kitchen

YouTube: Kay in The Kitchen

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