Alexa Ben-Israel ~ Victorious in Victory

“So many people have been hurt and told that there are no second chances with God, but he is always waiting for us to come to Him and start a renewed relationship with Him.”

Born in Washington DC and raised on the beautiful island of St. Croix US Virgin Islands,  Alexa Ben-Israel never envisioned becoming a part of a ministry and working for God. However, a tragic life event completely transformed Alexa’s perspective on life forever and lead her back on God’s original path.

As a survivor of domestic violence, Alexa has powered through life with incredible resilience and Faith. With her love for God and His teachings of mercy and forgiveness, Alexa forgave her abuser, offering him forgiveness for what he did. Alexa healed from her past trauma with the help of God’s living word and her husband of 11 years- a true Godsend.

Alexa endeavors to coach women to live a resilient lifestyle, with her guiding philosophy being, ‘Your life looks like what you have spoken; if you don’t like it, let’s change it.’ Alexa is a Board certified Pastoral Counselor, having completed her MA in Pastoral Counseling-Marriage and Family from Liberty University. She is the Co-Pastor of GSM Ministries (Glory Of The Son Of Man), a ministry centered and rooted in YESHUA, the MESSIAH, Who is the Son of Man. GSM Ministries is a body of believers who are both Kingdom-minded and Kingdom-driven, with their mandate being to build His Kingdom, enforce His Government, and administrate both His righteousness and justice.

Alexa has been coaching and counseling while enriching the lives of women and couples for over a decade. She specializes in counseling for Marriage, infertility and trauma. Alexa counsels specifically under GSM Ministries’ ‘I’m Fruitful’ a division which is dedicated to counseling clients battling infertility. Under this division, Alexa works passionately to reignite hope into women and encourage them throughout their journey to motherhood.

Alexa Ben-Israel has earned a distinguished reputation as a catalyst for using God’s Word to speak and watch Him work. Alexa is currently based in Atlanta, GA, where she shares her home with her husband. 

Your story is an amazing one and oh so familiar to many Domestic Violence Survivors. One of the things that intrigued me the most was the ability to forgive your ex, who subjected you to a life of Domestic Violence while with him. 

What did that moment of forgiveness look like when it happened?

What a tough day, but I had to do it for me to move forward.

I needed to let go of the pain I was holding onto; the physical scars were still there, but I had to do this to begin HEALING.

I met him in a public place with my sister on the phone as a backup (in my pocket) and told him I forgive him for all the things he had done to me. 

I needed to do this so that God could step in and Judge him and fight on my behalf. See too many times, we hold on to grudges and assume that this is harming a person, but it only breaks us in reality.

You are also a Board Certified Pastoral Counselor. How does counseling clients under the guise of “Pastoral” differ from a “traditional” marriage/family Counselor?

This is one of the best things I could have done; I get to have God in the room. I don’t have to hide him in a box or be guided by rules I don’t agree with, whereas a traditional counselor has to follow rules that they don’t believe or agree with 100%. It’s tough when being in a box or giving someone advice against their faith.

I love your philosophy “Your life looks like what you have spoken; if you don’t like it, let’s change it.” As a Empowerment Life Coach myself, I adopted the concept “You already have what you need to succeed,” and to see that your philosophy is in line with Empowerment makes me oh so happy! With that said, when you pose the concept of clients changing their lives, how often are you challenged with resistance or ambivalence? How do you help them overcome this hurdle?

Before we begin anything, I am straight up transparent. Are you willing to do the work even when it gets tough? I don’t prefer to work with anyone that is not hungry for results; it becomes a chore instead of a new season. Remembering that we are creators by what we speak, say, and believe in our hearts. So we must get ground rules established upfront, that way, we are all on one accord to success.

As a Faith-Based Coach, is there some push back from non-believers to use your service? If so, what do you do to “bring them along” and allow them to see that you’re there to help them with their lives?

I don’t get push back, but curiosity on who God is and what can He do for me. I thought I had to be perfect, to even to have a seat at the table

Finally, what big things are in the works?

Oh my goodness, more ” Im Fruitful “podcast entries to come. I have been working behind the scenes on many ideas, but I got to run them by God first .( smiles)

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