Angela Marshall: A Force to Be Reckoned With

Angela Marshall, is a public speaker, professional writer, columnist, bestseller author, creative consultant, ex-NFL wife and business owner of “In Other Words, By Stone.” Her topics of expertise include but are not limited to; Converting the Downs in Life to Wins, Making Positive Plays Every Day and The Scores That Do Not Count. She teaches, enlightens and shares motivating and transparent topics encouraging struggles to strength. Angela has inspired minds to stretch and evolve across the globe. Her heart and passion to liberate, illuminate and motivate others has appropriately nick-named her “wise words woman.”

Also known as “Author Stone,” Angela is an Augusta, Ga., native, positive words powerhouse that utilizes her personal life experiences of struggle, strength, and success to captivate audiences and readers abroad. Angela resigned from twenty years in the corporate world to embrace the purpose that has pursued her throughout life – to be unmasked, unchained and untamed. She struggled through a lavish but sorely lacking lifestyle as a former NFL wife. That chapter in her life produced the transparency in her inspiring inquiring minds want to know auto-biography, ‘Reality to Rags to Riches; The Story and Life of an Ex-NFL Wife.” Angela has graced influential platforms across the globe and is also a featured author in the “Women Who Lead” anthology that chronicles successful women across the globe.

Angela you are a woman with many talents! Motivational Speaker, Author, Ghostwriter just to name a few. Which of these platforms give you the most gratification and why?

Being a positive influence through words is my greatest attribute- I share struggles and successes to impact others to live vicariously through themselves. When on the outside looking into the lives of others, you can’t see everything that’s in their frame.

You were previously married to a NFL player and you speak about your struggles. What one piece of advice can you give other women who are aspiring to marry professional athletes?

Every person and experience is different. Not all of my journey in that lifestyle was negative. Just make sure you know who you are, what you stand for and don’t conform or compromise to be a part of societal cookie-cutter stigmas.  

One of your books, “Reality to Rags to Riches – The Story and Life of an Ex-NFL Wife” is your autobiography. If you could pitch this book in one word, what would it be and why?

S.E.L.F (Shine, Evolve, Love & Fulfill)-  The acronym encompasses everything I had to make a priority in my life in order to become the person I am today. I had to stop allowing others to dim my light. I had to grow. I had to love myself before I could love others. I had to live a fulfilling life. 

“Sentiments by Stone” is so very engaging and felt very personal when I went through them. What inspires you when you’re writing?

Telling the truth sets you free- I want to be free and I desire to help others be free.Words are so powerful. My goal is to engage the reader with hopes of inciting them to grow, sow and glow in their lives. 

The name “In Others Words by Stone” resonates so much for me and it feels personal as well. I literally feel like so many women’s stories are a fit for this name. What prompted you to choose this name for your business?

I had several people coming to me for advice, suggestions and ideas- one of my tag lines to them would always be “so in other words” and we would continue the conversation. I decided that when writing speeches, books, materials for others, I would be using MY words to help them deliver desired results. That is how I birthed the business name. Stone is my maiden name that I added for additional uniqueness. 

What is next for you?

Adapting to the pandemic has increased the need for virtual appearances (podcasts, radio, etc.) I will continue to share my journey and expand business opportunities. I’m also working on my fourth book. As long as there is breath in me, I will be using my platform and skills to help others to “Get off the bench and get in the game of life!”  

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