From Public Health To Cosmetology With CEO Meme Kelly

Meme Kelly is a beauty boss who is slaying the game one product at a time.  However, her cosmetology path was not her original goal in life.  Meme began her professional career in Public Health after graduating from Dillard University.  She worked full time in the health industry while also working part time in the beauty industry.

She quickly realized that her true passion was in cosmetology.  Within two short years, Meme built her clientele in cosmetology and decided to leave her public health career behind.  Ten years later she is still taking the beauty industry by storm with her brand of Silk Me Kids.  Not only did she create the first kid’s hair salon and spa in her NOLA area but she also founded a hair care line for kids.  Her brand of Silk Me Kids is curated for perfection for youth everywhere.  

Meme’s hair care line specializes in: healthy hair care/repair, growth/moisture retention and unmanageable hair.  In order to honor her current boss status it’s important to understand her motivation, love for her products and what beauty truly means to her.  Here’s what Meme Kelly had to say:

What motivates you to maintain your brand?

“My motivation comes from wanting to meet the needs of our kids. The smiles that our products put on kid’s faces makes it all worth it and warms my heart.” 

How have you been able to maintain your business despite the pandemic?

“Honestly, the pandemic has had a positive affect on my business. We were forced to close for 2 months so I was able to strategize and leverage social media by marketing my business.” 

What is your best-selling hair care product?

Our best seller is our Silk Me Kids Mane Moisturizer. This product adds moisture, softness and curl definition. It’s great for natural styling and to pop those curls.”

What does beauty mean to you?

“Beauty is something that is seen within. At our salon, we cater to transforming kids’ hair and making them feel beautiful about themselves.”  

Meme Kelly is only getting started.  She is definitely a Pretty Woman Who Hustles. In 5 years the brand plans to increase their brand ambassadors, increase inventory and also have multiple kid salon locations.  Meme also plans to incorporate boys into their target audience.  Meme is breaking barriers and laying the foundation for success in her hometown of NOLA & beyond.   She is building self-confidence within young kids everywhere.  Connect with Meme Kelly of Silk Me Kids online and on social media

Write, C. Scott, is a mompreneur, blogger, editor, ghostwriter and more.  Share your comments on this feature below.  Follow C. Scott on Instagram as @curls_coils and also @mysweettealife.  

Chaundra Scott

Writer, C. Scott, is a mompreneur, author and blogger. Follow her online as @curls_coils and @mysweettealife.

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